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Word Magic: Don’t Fool For It

This took me a few minutes to figure out looking at the data. So, let’s talk word magic—yes, a real thing and people study and practice this. People fall for word magic, everyday, including the most educated and accomplished. So, let’s go.

The CDC says that more than 83% of new cases are the Delta variant. That’s bad, right? “More than” sounds large. This is word magic. Hang in there for more.

So here’s the data. 26 people in New York State, a population of 20 million, contracted the Delta variant. They had 30 new cases of COVID’s in the same period. That’s 26/30 = 85%. 85% is a big scary number, right, and presented in a new light, the new Delta variant, on maps with lots of reds and yellows, it’s even scarier.

So, what we have really is about 1.5 people out of a million New Yorkers got COVID. Not a scary number, right, when you do the math? 85% is the word magic. It’s a far bigger and scarier number than 1.5/1,000,000 people = .00015% got COVID.

This, people, is how the Power Elite Controllers use word magic to gin up sufficient fear and divide the population, all to foment a “civil war” between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. This is happening for a reason.

Oh, you say it’s not a war. You say why would they do that? Then what do you call it? Sides are drawn. Verbal and written shots are being fired. We have the masked and the unmasked squaring off. We have the separate vaccinated and unvaccinated lines at immigration Canada. We have people celebrating businesses requiring their employees to all be vaccinated. But, now the CDC is telling us that the test that started the pandemic produces false results and it has been pulled from use. If this doesn’t emit a WTF, then please just stop reading.

To be clear, I don’t give a damn if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. I believe there is a virus, but we have been duped and taken advantage of. I wrote a chapter in my first book on vaccines, from a lot of research, so I’m not an expert, but do know some stuff. I’m not anti-vaccine, but I’m smart vaccine. I also cheated death, so I want to live the rest of my life without corrupted politicians telling me when to change my underwear.

To me, all of this is a number of things, including a brilliant display by the Power Elite Controllers of word magic, with zillions of people falling for the spells day after day, and the Controllers are just conjuring up how they should fool us, divide us, and how next to suppress our freedom to choose. Why? Because a lot of us have figured out how evil they are and what they are doing to us and why. We know who they are, and they don’t like people knowing. Probably the Omega variant is next. That sounds scary, right? That’s word magic.

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