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The Left’s Nemesis: RFK Jr.

Here’s RFK Jr with Maria Bartiromo on Fox. This is what a disruptive leader will do to a major political party — the Democrats — a party that has gone off the deep end — punishing political rivals, taking bribes, and a demented President obviously a puppet to someone or some group. The major media networks won’t know how to deal with Robert Kennedy Jr because he is a hardcore truth teller.  

Like all of his positions and policies or not, he is changing the landscape of the left potentially back toward an era of civility. And everyone is learning how corrupt and disgusting the Democrat politicians in Washington have become — one lie and one bribe after another.

The left will now work overtime to destroy RFK Jr, because like Trump did to Hillary in 2016, they cannot allow another disruptor to upset their globalist plan for a New World Order take over. 

We need to pay attention and demand accountability from both sides of the political aisle.  The deep levels of corruption and criminal behavior in politics are out of control and the left fears they’re losing grip…because they are!

Even CNN is not being nice to Biden. But they are being worse to RFK Jr. What does that tell you?

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