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Are We In a Simulation Called Earth?

I guess we’ve known for some time that our government has been hijacked, but as a patriot I hate to admit it. For some reason Biden and others are protected, but Trump is gone after with a vengeance.

Anyone who thinks that Biden actually won 81 million votes or that our government doesn’t have "black ops" groups that are funded by criminal dollars from drugs and human trafficking is just naive about the level to which evil people can sink.

My assessment is that the hijacking of our government was accelerated post WWII and with efforts like Operation Paperclip, when the government brought Germans to the US. Prescott Bush, father of George Bush Sr. is thought to have even have been a German agent.

Pesident Kennedy was killed because he was exposing the truth behind this hijacking. He even gave a famous speech on this hidden secret society--an enemy corrupting our government.

All of this may even go back to the times of the robber barons, starting in the late 1800’s, like with JD Rockefeller. These people had unimaginable wealth to be able to buy-off everyone in government and the resulting power in doing so.

The corruption within our government is just more visible to us because of the internet. Yes, we have to discern the truths from the lies and the real videos from the fakes. But, it seems most everything we are told is a conspiracy theory by politicians and the media is actually a conspiracy. From lie to truth seems to take time. But the truth always sees the light of day.

My out-there theory is that there are there types of souls on Earth at this time: 1) those souls who easily see this corruption for what it is and have "volunteered" to be here to awaken the consciousness of others, 2) those souls who are Earth-bound "players" in this "simulation"-- some will awaken but others will remain a captive of the "simulation," 3) people with no soul, who are here on Earth "programmed" to commit so-called evil. These are people like Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney, and frankly maybe even the wolfs in sheep's clothing, like Donald Trump.

The universe is so much more complex than we can ever seek to understand that anything is possible. We could be in a "simulation" like that of the Truman Show or the Thirteenth Floor. Whatever we are in, don't get sucked into a state of despair. Enjoy life. It's far too short to not do so.


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