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Earth Awakens: The Epic Battle Between Good and Evil

Evil has manifested through time as excess, division, strife, power, abuse, corruption, criminality, war, and control. It can be bad people who need to make the whole world bad for whatever reason or people who need to control the world for economic reasons. Evil exists and it always has. Today, the ideology of Evil is on display everywhere we look and often hidden in the illusion of so-called good people and good causes.

To some, Evil began with the pre-Adamite humans, whose daughters were taken by the Fallen Angels or Nephilim to create “the giants of old.” To others, it continued in the Garden of Eden with Cain, the son of Adam and Eve, and the “first murderer.” Cain—some believe they descend from—is believed to be the son of Eve and Lucifer, a powerful angel and the “Lightbearer” or “Morning Star,” who is represented metaphorically by the Snake in Eden, and who was cursed by God for all eternity for killing his brother Abel. Some believe Evil resurrected itself, after Noah and the Great Flood, from the bloodline of Ham and Canaan, during the time of ancient Babylon, its King Nimrod, and the Tower of Babel. Many are certain that the pagan Mystery Religion of Babylon still exists and reigns even today in many of the so-called “Elite,” whom they believe are some of the “Hidden Hand” and “Controllers” of society. Some believe that modern day Evil is resides in and is orchestrated by secret societies and higher-up factions within not-so secret societies, which have existed since the “Brotherhood of the Snake,” but have morphed over-time to hide their true intentions and the generations of bloodline family members that many believe continue to this day. Some believe that all one has to do is look at royal families to understand the importance of family bloodlines and how they can survive and rule for many centuries through time.

Some believe that an important historical fact to understand, which is described in the Bible and the Torah, is that Moses led the Israelites away from the Pharaoh’s grasp and their 430 years of slavery in Egypt, and with them traveled the “Erev Rav.”  The Book of Exodus refers to the Erev Rav as the “mixed multitude” that traveled with Moses and his people on the Exodus from Egypt, and who took with them their pagan beliefs in many gods, their rituals including human and animal sacrifices, and of course their “magicians” and “black magic.” According to a Jewish tradition, in every generation the souls of the Erev Rav are reincarnated in numerous individuals.  The Zohar, which is the foundational text for Kabbalistic thought, says the Erev Rav not only exist in each generation, but continue to be the cause for most of the problems affecting the Jewish people, and for that matter the whole of people of the world today. The term Erev Rav is used by some Jews in a derogatory manner, describing someone who is perceived as a traitor to their faith and humanity.  It’s believed by many that the descendants of the Erav Rev—whether literally or metaphorically—have continued to be these so-called traitors to God, worship Satan, Lucifer, and/or some other pagan god or Baal-like god equivalent. Some today even refer to the Erev Rav as the “false Jews,” but this actually minimizes the fact that the Erev Rav have cloaked themselves amongst all religions, including Christianity, Islam, and even the New Age Movement, with this cloaking today one of their greatest illusions.

Descendants of the Erev Rav are believed to be amongst the Khazarians who practiced ancient Babylonian “black arts” and who faked their forced conversion to Judaism around 800 AD. It is believed that more descendants became some of the two million worshippers of Sabbati Zevi, who proclaimed himself the Messiah in 1666, and who are credited with spreading so-called “Jewish enlightenment,” debauchery, and sexual excesses throughout Asia and Europe, and eventually America. Many of the descendants of Zevi’s followers followed his successor, Jacob Frank—born Jakub Lijbowicz—and his cult of Sabbatian-Frankists, who, along with the Mayer Amshel Rothschild, believed to have been an ardent Frankist, financed and influenced Adam Weishaupt into founding the Order of the Illuminati in 1776, with their proclaimed goal of total world domination and control under a Luciferian-based ideology. Many of these Illuminati Frankists were members of the secret handshake societies that financed and orchestrated the French and Bolshevik revolutionsm to their personal gains. Descendants also became the "money changers" who infiltrated and exerted financial and directional control over the Roman Catholic Church and its hidden occult knowledge, and who married into European royal families to become known as the "Black Nobility.”

Ideological followers of Jacob Frank are also important understand as some were also members of the Communist underbelly of Frankfurt Germany in the 1800’s and 1900’s that spawned Moses Hess, father of Labor Zionism, and the socialist revolutionist Karl Marx, co-author of Das Kapital with Friedrich Engels. Some formed the Frankfurt School, which left Germany for England in the 1930’s, then the US, fearing their criticism of Adolph Hitler would not go unpunished, and then joined with Columbia University in America. The Frankfurt School and Columbia University are credited with spreading their neo-Marxist and Freudian-influenced philosophical thought, referred to as Critical Theory, to the professors, and eventually the unsuspecting generations of students graduating from many of the elite universities coast-to-coast in the US.

Many of the wealthy and influential in society today, on both the so-called left and right, attended these elite schools and have also been members of the “secret handshake” societies, like the Skull & Bones at Yale University, which function and condition members for important roles in society. These people are some of the wealthy that fund community organizers, control politicians, fuel radicalism, influence financial markets, and many have within themselves, because of their beliefs, a deeply anti-western, anti-liberalism—yes anti-classical-liberalism—sentiment. Some are the educators, politicians, businessmen, government leaders, royalty, entertainers, news personalities, and church leaders that, knowingly or unknowingly, serve to create government policy, educated and influence citizenry, and manage the vast systems of society for the wealthy Elite and bloodline families that control them.

Beliefs, and in particular those linked to so-called religions or some may call them cults, just don't go away with time. They can have incredible staying power, lasting for easily hundreds and even thousands of years, as they morph to hide their ideology, members, and to protect their objectives, actions, and occult knowledge. Their foundational ideology is always affixed to some belief system, whether an ancient religion, perversion of original scripture, the belief in pagan gods, the inversion of Christianity to Luciferianism, cultish practices like those of the Sabbateans and Frankists, the anti-religion and Marxist philosophy of Karl Marx, or the Satanic teachings of America’s Anton LaVey. The core beliefs of Evil people are almost always passed down from generation to generation, hence the importance of perpetuating as well as hiding the family bloodlines. In reality, not everyone today, in prominent positions in society, including politics and entertainment, are who they claim to be. Offspring and beliefs can be cleverly and strategically hidden.

Clearly, the flames of Evil are difficult to understand by many and certainly hard to extinguish, without the benefit of true historical knowledge. In order to understand the present, we must start with a fact-based understanding of the past, and we must go back hundreds and even thousands of years, which frankly is difficult and time consuming at best. It’s a fact that many can't possibly fathom that a vast global and coordinated cabal of Evil is at work in society today. But it is, and to think otherwise would be naive. The rich and powerful have always done what is needed to perpetuate their bloodlines, rule the masses, and control wealth and natural resources, whether it be the Kings of Babylon, the Pharaohs, the Black Nobility of Europe, Royal families, the political family dynasties in the US, or the “robber barons” of the 19th, 20th, and now 21stcenturies. The reality is that we don’t care to them, and frankly we number too many today and are a threat.

We may never truly understand the origin of Evil, or for that matter the expansiveness of it. But we do know that scripture warns us that we are constantly in the midst of a spiritual battle between Good and Evil. Evil is on display everywhere we look today, and so is Good. But to some, the ability to discern the difference is lacking. Evil may prevail or we may collectively find a way to bring forth more charity, goodness, and, most importantly, faith in a better future. I believe we are on a path to the later, but more people of the Earth must awaken first. Whatever we can individually do to contribute to the awakening and expansion of our collective consciousness should be job number one for each and every one of us...

© 2020 by Scott Forbes