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The Money Grabbers

It’s Day 3 of either 1) extreme incompetence in our intelligence agencies including Mossad or 2) the Hamas attack on Israel was allowed to happen.

Provoking anger directed towards Iran using their proxy Hamas is a favorite of war hawks or maybe we just call them the “money grabbers.”

It’s not unreasonable to assume a reason for this spilling over with Iran is that the team that wins could control 20% of the natural gas reserves in the world—sitting under the ground in Iran. Likewise, the Ukraine war is about who controls Ukraine’s natural gas reserves, ranking second in gas reserves in Europe, and who owns Europe’s energy market, now a money grabbing competition with Russia.

We need to think like the money grabbers do with strategy, perception, and propagandistic motivations in mind. We need to try and understand why they are presenting whatever information to the public and for what purpose. We need to question every action, every directive, every media spin. After all, money grabbers are greedy liars.

Every war/conflict is about natural resources—under the ground and on top. If 9/11 was at all an inside job, it shows the money grabbers will sacrifice a lot of people to grab a lot using the military industrial complex. When the money grabbers are playing the long game, what’s 1.7 million people living in Gaza matter. Natural gas and wars are very profitable to the money grabbers.

We’ve seen non stop idiots, like Lindsey Graham, on cable news, social media, and print talk about Iran and how they are at fault for this latest Hammas situation. We’ve also heard of the corruptness and idiocy of the Biden administration in releasing $6 billion of Iran’s frozen money back to them. The money grabbers didn’t get their regional war with Ukraine. So, now they try with Iran.

This is our reality. The money grabbers are singularly motivated, liars, morally defunct, and don’t care about whether millions of people die. Their agents in the government are doing their part and the sometimes indistinguishable from them terrorists are doing their part.


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