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The Liberal Narratives: Most Not Provable and Crazy

Liberalism today is the antithesis of the traditional definition of being a liberal.  Today, it defines those who have been suckered into obsessing over and believing as true certain abstract, often academic, and unprovable concepts, like Global Warming/Climate Change.  More on this later. If you differ from the liberal narrative, you're called racist, homophobic, anti-LBGTQXYZ, climate-denier, or worse, and always targeted for punishment by the totalitarian statists (e.g., cancelled from Twitter and Facebook). Below are two of these abstract concepts.

Such unprovable and crazy concepts have been created and used by the ruling wealthy elite to create false narratives, manufactured crises, and smokescreens to hide their true intentions, which are to make themselves even more wealthy and powerful, whilst financially plundering the middle-class and keeping the population in a state of servitude to the corrupt political and economic systems that they, the ruling wealthy elite, control. Yet, the "regular" people seem to be willing to accept this as normal and people in powerful places like our intelligence agencies are crazy enough to push and enforce the craziness.

Back to Climate Change. How many buy-into the narrative, but have never examined the money-flow associated with the Paris Climate Accord. Those with the "credits" win financially and those of us who pay the taxes that fund the vapor-ware solutions lose. "Follow the money," as someone once said. Just like, follow the money with Ukraine. How much money has the US (supposedly) sent to Ukraine, which has one of the worst systems of money laundering in the world? Follow the money--probably into off-shore bank accounts for the wealthy elite and their puppet politicians.

Some of these wealthy ruling elite are meeting in Davos this week at the World Economic Forum, plotting the demise of our rights, democracy, and ways to change the very nature of humanity. These people actually think they are doing "good." Now tell me this. Every time you hear Klaus Schwab, leader of the WEF, speak, do you cringe, like he's up to no good?

Whilst doing their "good," these people actually believe they can do whatever they want to do--as in the end justifies the means. They believe they are immune to the societal and legal repercussions. It's much like a gnostic mindset, wherein the believers believe they are god-like, sitting above the common man, but doing good for the common man. Not all at Davos are tuned to this mindset. But, they are willing participants in what the WEF prescribes as the only way forward for humanity.

So, maybe our lives are made complex on purpose by these ruling elite to distract us from what they are doing—‘look over here but don’t look at what we are actually doing.’  Our economy, such as through inflation and high interest rates, and financial markets are manipulated to steal our wealth.  Is there any reason that interest on any credit card should be north of 20%? Our political system does not represent the people, but only their wealthy elite benefactors.  We can only vote Democrat or Republican, and this is a limitation to making our vote really count, when both choices are bad and corrupt. People actually believe that these wealthy elite are going to allow just anyone to become President, Governor, or Senator--hence why elections are rigged. They've been rigged since before Al Capone. Amazing that people can be so naive. Our healthcare system is corrupted by a pharmaceutical industry owned by these few wealthy elite--look at the lying now being exposed that Pfizer did regarding their COVID vaccine.  Lastly, our children are being conditioned to respect these unprovable abstract concepts put upon them by “woke” brainwashed academics, politicians, the media, and yes, woke parents. Who in their right mind as a parent thinks it's ok to take a 5 year old to a drag queen show? It's nuts.

Too many, including really smart people, appear unable to critically think and research for themselves, blindly believing as truths those they are told to believe true by lying politicians, corrupt government officials, so-called experts, and the news, social, and entertainment media.  The just released “Twitter Files” demonstrates the extent to which our government and intelligence services have gone to fool us.  This is the aggregate unfortunate state of our society--people ignorant, uninformed, and unknowing of the truths of our reality--servants to a powerful wealthy ruling elite.

People think they are paying attention and informed, but they are not seeing enough of the truths to help humanity forward. They are seeing and hearing what these ruling wealthy elite want them to, orchestrated by network and cable news and social media--all controlled and scripted by the wealthy ruling elite.

When the people wake-up to how much they have been lied to and manipulated by unending false narratives and crises, then we can have real societal change and healing.  Until then, the ruling wealthy elite and their well paid WEF and other co-conspirators will subject the people to the corrupt systems of society that these elite control.  Nothing will change, until enough of the people start seeing the truths for themselves and speak their voice.

So, just remember. The World Economic Forum is a proxy for the ruling elite. You show up at Davos to get your marching orders: masks, lockdowns, vaccine passports, trans-humanism, carbon tracking, etc. It’s where globalists get together to plot and steal your freedoms and wealth. Remember. WEF chief Klaus Schwab in 2022 called China "a role model for many countries." Schwab's role is to make the democratic West more like communist China -- not the other way around. That's why the WEF hopes to sell you on the idea of "owning nothing," just like being a Chinese peasant.

We are maybe 10 to 15 years or one more global pandemic from the point of these globalists achieving their objectives. Don't wait much longer to figure this all out and join the ranks of those brave enough to do something about it.


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