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Why Memorial Day Matters

90% of the soldiers on the first boats to hit Omaha Beach didn't live to see the end of the day. Many were not even 18 years old. Look at those faces in the attached picture. They paid the ultimate price for our freedom. When I visited Omaha Beach, it was truly moving. The local people, to this day, love Americans for what they did for them and the world.

Yet, I once had someone say to me to relax and just ignore what’s going on in the US and the world. But, that’s not in my DNA. It’s why I write and publish and speak up when I see crazy. We have the opportunity to live the life we do because of these soldiers and their comrades.

In my opinion, too much of what’s going on today is plain ridiculous and frankly dangerous to humanity and the planet. People buy into the fake narratives and fake events, without question. And my generation has collectively allowed this to happen. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that we have rampant corruption in our systems of society, including the Presidency, government, news media, education, pharmaceutical industry, elections, and social media. We’re lied to every day—more so than at any other point in history. We have agendas put upon us that are frankly insane—some new and others that have never ever worked. We have politicians and their family members who are on the take—from a little to a lot—and they never get in trouble. I had a friend once say that politicians always lie and cheat and to get over it. Really?

I believe it’s our job to keep the history of these soldiers alive and why they fought for us—not to just throw their memories and our culture and way of life down the (Orwell 1984) “memory hole.” I believe it’s our job to not sit on the sidelines, but to fight every day for our freedoms. I believe that this last year has shown that too many people are passive and willing to accept as true what those in authority tell them to believe. I believe it’s our job to question and find the truths ourselves—and to not be suckers to the lies of those in power or those considered the "elite." How else can we honestly say we’re doing something to better humanity unless we participate in doing so. We're all here on a mission. Can you articulate your mission?

As humans we are capable of a lot, when we decide to make the effort. Let’s collectively do more. Let’s expose the lies. Let’s not allow anyone to affect our freedoms. And, let’s admit when we are wrong. When I leave this Earth, I want my kids, grandkids, and future generations to know that I fought a different war, for their freedoms and way of life. Little else matters to me at this time in history. This is why I honor those who gave their lives for my freedom. This is why I have flown the American flag every day for as long as I can remember, and why I’m proud to be an American.


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