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Who Controls the World and Do They Still Wear the Robes

According to Gary Wayne, the author who spent 40 years researching and writing his book, The Genesis 6 Conspiracy, "Rex Deus," as they are known, control the world today and have done so for many centuries and even thousands of years. His book connects a number of dots going back to ancient times and explores connections between the Crucifixion, the Essenes, the Jerusalem church, and alleged descendants of Jesus to the Holy Grail, the Templars, Freemasonry, and the bloodlines of the Antichrist.

The Rex Deus believe they are the descendants from the dynasty of King David (and even as far back to the Bible’s Garden of Eden and Cain) and are known to have dominated the royal houses of Europe since Jesus's death up until today. The origins of Rex Deus likely date historically to ancient Egypt, Babylon, the Canaanites, and Phoenicians. They believe they are the inheritors of secret, ancient knowledge that dates to Atlantis, as well as preservers of knowledge dating back to the Great Pyramids and Solomon. They have retained and sustained this secret knowledge through the adepts of mystery schools and secret societies, up to the present day.

When the Rex Deus were not the kings and queens, they were the rivals to the royal houses. They believe even today that they are predestined by their god, Lucifer (God of the Morning Star or Venus in Latin), to rule over humanity and the world. They believe they are the "Keepers of the Message" that will ultimately serve to allow the world to be dominated through the Antichrist. We have to remember that this is what they believe and this is their interpretation of the holy scriptures. They believe they are the elite of the elite in modern day society and entitled to their destiny.

Rex Deus today operate much like a hierarchical, yet decentralized corporate structure, with a super secret "board of directors" and spider web of subservient organizations. Each organization has a specific purpose, whether to control or influence government, finance, religion, military, news media, entertainment, natural resources, or major corporations around the world. But, the overall objectives of Rex Deus are to preserve two sacred bloodlines that are inclusive of all the other branches of royal family bloodlines--the first from Moses and Aaron (brothers) and then through David and Jesus.

Our present day societal situation actually arose from the early schisms of the Jerusalem church into Judaic, Pauline, and Gnostic/Essene Christianity. It is from the bloodline of Jesus that these people, the Gnostics, believe will come the imposter kingdom of god on earth--the Antichrist, with Lucifer at the helm. Again, this is what these Gnostics believe, and this is what we need to understand, in order to understand what is really going on in the world today.

Rex Deus operates as an association of very high-level and adept/initiated secret groups or societies, including the Freemasons, Illuminati, and Rosicrucian’s, and they seed their members or agents into subservient groups and organizations, such as the Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, Jesuits, and the Federal Reserve, who are the real day to day "managers of society." Most of the people in these organizations have no clue that Rex Deus even exists and how as individuals they are really being conditioned, influenced, and manipulated. If they do know, then they are often afforded power, influence, and financial wealth, and, as such, are happy to play their part in the illusion perpetrated on society as a whole.

It is important to appreciate that where we are today, and with such deep conspiracy against humanity, that this may have been planned and executed as far back as possibly 6,000 years. The conspiracy is deeply rooted in the Rex Deus' Essene and Gnostic beginnings and their denial of the virgin birth and denial of the godliness of Jesus and his miracles. Rex Deus' strategy has always been to devalue Christianity and the role of Jesus. This devaluation has been led by Gnostics and Liberals within Christianity and by their clandestine groups tasked with distorting and revising history and with their distributing of propaganda throughout the news media, entertainment, schools, government, and even Christian churches. One must somewhat admire Rex Deus, in that they have demonstrated unimagined generational patience and diligence.

Many in society have caught-on to the goals of Rex Deus, which have always been the total domination and control of mankind with one language, one government, and one religion worshipping Lucifer. The conflicts we see every day on the TV news, in social media, and between politicians and everyday citizens and family members is not really about Liberal versus Conservative or Democrat versus Republican. This is an illusion that continues to hide the great deception of Rex Deus from the many who remain unawakened. If we understand this, then we can start to see the truths and live life and make better decisions having this knowledge.


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