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Beyond the IG Report and Durham

A few days ago, I came across an interesting article in the Rolling Stone Magazine regarding the IG Report, which prompted me to write the following which lays out what I believe Rolling Stone cannot discuss.  

What most don’t know is that there are likely two reports—one for the public and another for "Durham" (and "Huber") investigations.  Barr and Durham stated in their written response to the IG report, the day it was released, that they do not agree with all in the report that was released, particularly, as Durham said, regarding the origin of the Russia investigation into the Trump campaign. That was a signal to those involved that they know the extent of the truths when everything started and by whom, and that a lot of people are implicated.  This is why.

The non-public IG report was likely fed to Durham a ways back, and in chunks of facts. Durham’s investigation will tie together exactly what triggered the investigation into the Trump campaign.  (The Huber investigation is looking into the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.). It was likely then CIA head, Brennan, or his designees who worked with rogue (possibly also Russian) intelligence agents to create the Steele Dossier, and the money to pay everyone came from CIA and Democrat slush funds.  The Dossier was handed off to Steele and he was the one who inserted the Dossier into the American political system via Senator McCain, which we know.  

Both Barr and Durham know the evolution of this scheme and know that Comey and Brennan worked the investigation to ensure that the FBI picked up on the trail that Foreign Intelligence Agencies and Strozk laid for them.  They needed the fake Russia story initially to initiate some of the off-shore surveillance undertaken by the CIA, that could then extend to surveilling the Trump campaign on-shore.  Strozk was outed in the IG Report as a CIA asset planted into the FBI (so essentially a double agent) that was used to liaison between the FBI and CIA and manage the FISA and surveillance process for all involved.  A text to Strozk from Lisa Page used a CIA term for what they did, so that's a clue.  Also, Carter Page has said, since the IG report was issued, that he was an intelligence asset, who started to be investigated by the FBI once he said he was going to work for the Trump campaign. All of this was verified by the IG Report, interviews following the issuance of the IG Report, and putting the puzzle pieces together.

None of this information about how the Russia investigation actually was initiated was touched on by the Horowitz Report, and I believe this was on purpose.  That’s what Durham (and possibly Huber) will address.  Horowitz couldn’t go this deep because his report was just the FISA process, and we now see a number of crimes were committed there also, in addition to the crimes the gang running the CIA/FBI scheme has committed.  The IG report simply discredits much of what the FBI did with FISA, and also discredits almost all of the reporting done by the mainstream news media for the last three years. Yes, many in the new media were in on this scheme.

Do not underestimate what Barr and Durham said the other day with regards to how all of this started.  Also, Barr previously used the word “spy” in front of Congress for a reason.  They know what Brennan, Comey, and Strozk and others did and that is what the Durham investigation is after.  Remember, McCabe said that the FISA warrants would never have been issued without the Steele Dossier, which has been discredited.  

What Durham and Barr know is how the Steele Dossier was initiated and I'll bet you they know who at the top gave the go ahead.  Obama had to have told Brennan to do so.  Why do you think Obama replaced half of the Senior Executive Services and fired a bunch of Generals—it was so he could create essentially an on-shore "army" he controlled to support an overthrow of President Trump.

The Democrats in Congress had to have been told to go after Trump. It's obvious. But, by whom? My guess is by their handlers, including the CIA, Mossad (why do so many in Congress hold dual Israeli and US passports), and the network of massively wealthy elite controlling the ebb and flow of society. What many don't know is that the "bad guys" had more than just the overthrow of Trump planned, and many of us would have suffered if HRC had been elected.  She was not supposed to lose. In the meantime, we are watching this "movie" evolve and the truths slowly being exposed.

But, this is not just about the fake Russia scheme, the deep state SES (some of whom exposed their lies and testified for the Democrats during the House impeachment hearing), the corrupt and treasonous CIA, FBI, and politicians, or the colluding news media, many of who are also guilty of treason.  It’s about a far deeper infestation of society, evidenced by NXIVM, "Weinstein casting couches," pedophile ring takedowns, human and sex trafficking, political corruption, money laundering, financial scheming and bribes, and other even worse crime that are slowing coming into the light. What we are experiencing is also about the people who refuse to question, seek answers, or accept the Truth. They are to blame also.


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