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Bloodline Families and the Deep State

Every American president through Barack Obama but Martin Van Buren shares a common ancestor. What are the odds of this? How could this possibly be the case?

In 2009, a 12-year-old girl stumbled onto this information after pouring through 500,000 pages with the support of others. According to her research, each US President shares a common bloodline and ancestor--John “Lackland" Plantagenet, perhaps best known as Robin Hood's enemy, King John. The House of Plantagenet, also called the house of Anjou or Angevin dynasty, was a royal house of England, which reigned from 1154 to 1485 and provided 14 kings.

We know that President George Bush is a 13th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and is related to all members of the British royal family--at least this is what he told us and was confirmed by the 12-year-old girl. Buckingham Palace told us that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are actually distant cousins. The list of royal cousins, even 1st, marrying cousins is very long throughout written history.

Let's travel back to ancient times to see the importance of bloodlines. Read the Book of Genesis and you can easily see the emphasis placed on tracing bloodlines. Consider that Royal families, from ancient Babylon to the Pharaohs to the present day House of Windsor, have married purposely to carry forward and continue their bloodlines. Did you know that some people today believe they are related to the bloodline of Cain--as in Cain and Abel? The Bible says that God "marked" Cain--was this in the blood or DNA? Do you know that some believe they are related to Jesus? It's said that the Pope has always been from one of 13 bloodline papal families.

For thousands of years, bloodline families have controlled all land, resources, and wealth globally. Why should we think that today, in our modern society, that anything has changed? If bloodline families have spent hundreds, if not thousands of years in control, then today they must control the bulk of the wealth on earth and most systems of society--including the business world, politics, government, intelligence services, think tanks, news media, entertainment, and religions—worldwide. There is substantial evidence to back up this statement.

Why are people today focused on a one world government, which also can only inevitably result in a one world religion and a one world language. One government, one religion, and one language--why? It's because it's easier to create and enforce the rules. Even the Pope this week made the effort to re-communicate his desire for a one world government, as necessary for the survival of humanity. It's a little hard to believe actually, but even faithful Catholics are growing more and more concerned that Pope Francis' Vatican is on some kind of mission to advance globalism, and there's not only a lot of evidence to support the notion, there is, at the same time, not a lot of evidence to dispute the idea.

I know. This all sounds crazy, right? It’s like a conspiracy theory, don't you think? What are the odds really that there are witting servants of the globalist bloodline families and elite who are chosen to lead governments and organizations, while others are deceived to perpetuate the illusion of a free, randomly functioning society? Are we, the masses, also intentionally kept unaware and conditioned to believe what we are told by the systems of society as the truth? We can't be collectively that naive, right? Yes, it's plausible.

Let’s say you can’t get your head around what I’ve just said as a global conspiracy. Do you have any other logical explanation for what you see going on in the world today, if you are at all questioning what you are told is the truth? Maybe you aren't. Bu, do you think everything is random, versus orchestrated?

Think critically about these next questions. Why are there endless wars and trillions of dollars spent that fuel the military industrial complex? Why is there seemingly a political circus of impeachment going on in Washington D.C.? Why have there been significant economic crashes and recessions under a Federal Reserve, since it was chartered in 1913, when it was established to prevent such events. The list of "head scratchers" can be very long, if one is observing and questioning.

Lincoln tried to tackle a conspiracy to control the money supply after the Civil War. John F. Kennedy made speeches that talked about the global conspiracy and the role of the intelligence services. Ronald Reagan did the same. We know what happened to them. Julian Assange and many others have tried to do their part in exposing the bloodline families and their Deep State mechanisms that control society.

If any of this is true, then I believe we smack dab in the middle of a second Civil War. It's not a traditional war. It's a war for "mind-share." A "psy-op" of sorts. A cyber battle. There are the "good guys" against the "bad guys" who want to control and dominate the world. Yes, I believe there are some boots on the ground. It's just that we haven't seen them in action, yet. It's very clear to me where the battle lines have been draw and the players on each side.

At the end of the day, can we really control our future or will it always be determined by the bloodline families? Will we always just be considered "slaves" to them, tied to massive amounts of debt and conditioned by their systems of society to believe a false reality? Are we as foolish as the people of Babylon to continue to worship the false "gods" and "goddesses" of business, politics, TV, entertainment, religion, and sports. Metaphorically, are the Israelites exiled in slavery in Egypt our present day state of ignorance about our reality? Is Donald Trump a modern day Moses, trying to lead us out of ignorance and to be awakened to our reality? Just like the Israelites who did not follow Moses, whom amongst us will choose to stay behind?

I'm not saying that Donald Trump is of the biblical Moses stature, and I am not 100 percent certain that he is truly one of the good guys. But, I do know that we are all susceptible to being conditioned to believe something true when it is actually false. All I'm saying is open your mind to all possibilities, even if uncomfortable and outside your current perception of reality. Seek and verify your own truths versus replaying as true something you have been told. And, by all means, never stop questioning.


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