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US Termination Project, the Soros Hand, and the Money Behind Joe Biden

When Joe Biden last ran for president, I gave his campaign $2500. I’ve actually met him and we once had a face to face regarding foreign policy. That was 12 years ago. Now is now.

What’s an important backstory to know about the 2020 election is that what’s headline news today was actually outlined in a leaked Open Society Institute (OSI) document which states: the United States with its religion and the right to bear arms are obstacles to obtaining a world government; US elections should be eliminated; and the 2016 election will be the last election in the U.S. OSI is part of the network of groups created and funded by George Soros. To many, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win. It’s my conjecture that some very powerful people stepped in and did not allow this to happen and the following is why.

The OSI document lays out a blueprint to end public democracy in the United States by enabling marginalized groups, overturning the social order, and creating a sustainable state including military under the Directives of UN Agenda 21. The U.S Termination Project as it is called is designed to end the constitutional law and replace it with a technocracy surveillance state. It supports initiatives in a range of areas, including creating channeled Civil Unrest, Influence of Media Narratives, Human Concepts of Justice, Progressive Prosecution and Oppression, and an Alternative Left Test-State.

OSI strategy has involved creating influence through news media, funding the races of state, local, and national politicians, state attorneys generals, district attorneys, Judges, and supporting intergovernmental organizations, bodies like the World Health Organization, aid agencies, NGOs, and many other systems within society that can support their mission and goals. A number of countries have banned Soros funded organizations from operating, but not the US.

So far for the 2020 election, George Soros has given Democrat PACs and campaigns over $50 million. This includes only what monies are required by law to be disclosed. Soros is one of several megadonors who opened checkbooks last month to provide large sums to groups backing Joe Biden. The Biden Victory Fund in particular has benefited. It pulled in $83 million thanks to the Democrat Party's wealthiest donors, including Soros who donated $500,000.

Think about this OSI document with regards to why such civil unrest, violence, and destruction is happening in our Democrat run cities. It’s pretty clear that George Soros’ money is somehow behind Antifa and other radical groups. George Soros’ money is also behind many politicians including Joe Biden. Kamala Harris said in an interview that the riots are not going to end. If Joe Biden wins, will the US Termination Project continue unabated?

All of this warrants some critical thinking by anyone considering voting for Joe Biden.

From my perspective, the Joe Biden I knew has changed—12 years older, 8 years in a corrupt Obama administration, and wealthy. I’m aware of a lot more 12 years later than I was then and a lot wiser.

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