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Uninformed and Compliant

It baffles me that far too many in this country do not question what they are told to do by authority. They just do what they are told. This is a real mind bender.

Ask yourself. Do you question events and whether they are created to move an agenda forward (aka the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” of orchestrating a crisis so government can “solve” it)? Do you question what the President or the politicians are doing in the party you actually voted for? Does anything seem ridiculous to you? Hey, we aren’t stupid, but we’ve collectively shown that we are far too malleable and don’t pay attention.

This may sound counter intuitive, but if you are going to control hundreds of millions and even billions of people you need to show them how ridiculous it is what you are asking them to do, and then you still ask them to do it. It’s quite brilliant. The reality is we are doing a terrible job and ourselves looking ridiculous. Stand 6 feet apart in the airport check-in line before you cram into an airplane for hours elbow-to-elbow. Wear a mask for the 15 seconds it takes to get seated in a restaurant but take it off for the hours of drinking and eating. Get vaccinated using an experimental vaccine but can’t explain what’s going into the body. Too many just blindly do what they are told.

The problem is that the more we as humans act like this, the less human and the more ridiculous we become. The fact is a huge divide has been purposely created in our county, over a whole slew of topics, and most don’t even understand why, who is benefiting, and what the end game is for those controlling the narrative. If you think the vaccine passport is just for the vaccine, you’re not thinking about how it can be extended to control all aspects of our lives. It’s just computer code. If you believe because you are vaccinated that you are free and clear to do what you want, that could change on a dime.

We all need to wake up before it’s too late, because the controllers are far from being done with us. We are too dangerous to them, when we figure out what they are doing, and hence why they do what they do. Uninformed and compliant is their intention for us, and far too many have unwittingly obliged. Wake up.

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