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The Big Deception

There are two Constitutions. One for the District of Columbia created in the Act of 1871 and the other our Founding Fathers created. The District of Columbia version established a Corporation. Our President is the CEO. We had to borrow a significant amount of money from European bankers (aka Rothschilds, etc., British Royal coffers also) after the Civil War because both the N and S were bankrupt. To do so we had to put up collateral—we are the collateral. So, the Congress schemed to use the new Corporation as a way to create a shadow govt that would be beholden to the lenders.

After a secretive Jekyll Island meeting, Congress created the Federal Reserve in 1913, a private corporation formed under a Payseur owned railroad corporation with the European and American bankers as shareholders. The Federal Reserve is neither Federal or has reserves. We are employees of the Corporation. Our SSN is our employee ID. We are their collateral. Borrow from the Fed, tax us, pay the Fed (aka the elite families/bankers still owning the Fed). Create wars, tax us to pay for war, and feed the military industrial complex, also owned by the elite. Create rules whereby no members of the Corporation or politicians get in trouble for their deception and their crimes. Justice Roberts simply presides over a Corporate tribunal--understanding we are under Admiralty law in the US.

The argument going on today is over who runs the Corporation. Every President since Woodrow Wilson has been decided by the Corporation's shareholders, except President DJT. Chew on that and ask who made that happen and why.


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