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People Have Some Explaining to Do on Ukraine

In this post, I explore the existence of the “Deep State,” using the example of the current Ukraine House impeachment hearings. My research is based on open source articles and in no way am I saying that all presented in this post is accurate. Please do your own research. My intention is to present a plausible motivation for the Democrats and their impeachment process which is to deflect away from their widespread corruption of Deep State perpetrators involving Ukraine.

To begin, our Founding Fathers designed a constitutional republic as a form of government in which the country is considered a "public matter,” not the private concern or property of the rulers. The primary positions of power within a constitutional republic are attained through the voters, rather than being unalterably occupied. At the time of our Constitution being written it was designed to be an opposing form of government to a monarchy. Today, people talk about the “Deep State” as the actual governing body of our country, and not the voters.

A article in August of 2019, titled “The "Deep State" Theory Explained,” described the “Deep State” as the “existence of a premeditated effort by certain federal government employees or other persons to secretly manipulate or control the government without regard for the policies of Congress or the President of the United State. The concept of a Deep State — also called a “state within a state” or a “shadow government” – was first used in reference to political conditions in countries like Turkey and post-Soviet Russia “

The article goes on to describe that in 2014 former congressional aide Mike Lofgren alleged the existence of a different type of Deep State operating within the United States government in his essay titled “Anatomy of the Deep State.” Instead of a group comprised exclusively of government entities, Lofgren calls the Deep State in the United States “a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United States without reference to the consent of the governed as expressed through the formal political process.” The Deep State, wrote Lofgren, is not “a secret, conspiratorial cabal; the state within a state is hiding mostly in plain sight, and its operators mainly act in the light of day. It is not a tight-knit group and has no clear objective. Rather, it is a sprawling network, stretching across the government and into the private sector.” In some ways, Lofgren’s description of a Deep State in the United States echoes parts of President Eisenhower’s 1961 farewell address in which he warned future presidents to “guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.”

I contend that there is significant evidence that the Deep State in the US and beyond globally is actually a well-orchestrated hierarchy, yet distributed network of individuals and groups that are part of government, quasi-governmental, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), non-profits, foundations, think-tanks, and for-profit businesses that are managed by a closely knit, cult-like, multi-generational group of bloodline families that have wealth beyond anyone’s imagination, thus have unlimited wealth to garner power and control over most populations of the world and almost all key systems of society, including the news media, TV, entertainment, and politicians.

Even those purported to be part of the Deep State have recently admitted to the existence of the Deep State. See this video of John Brennan, formerly the Director of the CIA during the Obama administration from 2013 to 2017. He admits that people in the US Government are actively working against President Donald Trump.

In an article written by Mark Hemmingway for The Federalist” on October 1, 2019, Hemingway states, “I do think the issue of loyalty to America in a narrow but important sense is at the crux of many of the debates about Donald Trump and his administration. Trump’s presidency has been unfortunately defined by the emergence of senior government officials who are quite open about demonstrating loyalty to the administrative state, up to and including criminal acts and abuses of power, over the imperatives of a democratically elected president. The people doing these things may even sincerely justify what they’re doing as motivated by patriotism, but that doesn’t mean these abuses aren’t being done at the expense of a vision of America at odds with what the people want. Even if you don’t like Trump, this is a huge threat to the rule of law and the legitimacy of federal governance in the eyes of American citizens.”

Following the 2016 presidential election, President Donald Trump and his supporters suggested that certain unnamed executive branch officials and intelligence officers were secretly operating as a Deep State to block his policies and legislative agenda by spying on him and leaking information considered critical of him. This has been proven to be a fact.

Yet, this week the Democrat controlled House of Representatives voted to perform a process that is likely to result in the impeachment of President Trump. This House process is the same as being “indicted,” not convicted. The actual trial is held by the Senate and presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who is Justice Roberts. Two-thirds of the Senate must vote in the affirmative to officially impeach the President. The Democrat’s rationale is that President Trump broke the law in a conversation with the President of Ukraine; hence should be impeached.

Let’s explore what both the Democrats and Republicans are telling us and not telling us about the Ukraine “story.” The Democrats say President Trump broke the law with a “quid pro quo” discussions, with the Ukraine President, backed up by a “whistleblower’s” account of the call. President Trump and the Republicans say that he didn’t say any such thing and have provided the transcript of the call as proof. What President Trump says he said to the Ukraine President is that he wanted Ukraine to investigate corruption associated with US aid to Ukraine before the 2016 election.

As part of the back and forth between the Democrats and Republicans, President Trump has pointed out that Hunter Biden was on the Board of Burisma Holdings Limited, a Ukranian natural gas company. Back in 2014 after a change of regime in Ukraine, Hunter Biden joined the board of a scandal-plagued Burisma. President Trump says that Hunter Biden had no apparent qualifications for the job except that his father was the vice president and involved in the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy. According to Vox, a liberal publication, “Hunter Biden’s whole career is being Joe Biden’s son,” but that “Joe Biden didn’t do anything to help Hunter in Ukraine.”

The Vox article goes on to say, “When Hunter was unable to get into the University of Delaware, he instead went on to Georgetown (and received a Bachelor’s degree). Hunter, after a year at Georgetown Law, was able to transfer to Yale and finish out at the country’s most prestigious law school. Yale Law graduates don’t normally hurt for opportunities to earn a decent salary, but Hunter interestingly went to work right away for MBNA, a major Delaware-based bank (later purchased by Bank of America) that was also a big contributor to Biden’s campaigns. Byron York dubbed Joe Biden “the senator from MBNA” in a 1998 American Spectator article. The nickname stuck in years to come as Biden became the leading Democrat advocate of a bankruptcy reform bill that most Democrats opposed but that major credit card issuers like MBNA strongly favored.”

In 1998, Hunter went to work for the US Department of Commerce and then left after the Clinton administration ended. He formed a lobbying firm with an old associate of his dad’s. In 2006, President George W. Bush appointed him to the Amtrak board of directors as a gesture of bipartisanship. When his dad became vice president, Hunter left the Amtrak board and instead got involved with a series of investment companies. As detailed by Ben Schreckinger in Politico, a lot of this work seems to have hinged on Hunter and his uncle James Biden sort of hinting around that the family connection to the vice president could help get things done and then not delivering. The Obama administration generally regarded Hunter as a kind of embarrassing family black sheep rather than a real scandal.”

“In May 2013, Hunter joined the US Naval Reserve for which he required two waivers — one because at 42 years old he was above the normal age for a military recruit and the other due to a previous drug use incident. By February of 2014, Hunter was discharged from the Navy for testing positive for cocaine.”

“Back in 2014 after a change of regime in Ukraine, Hunter Biden joined the board of a scandal-plagued Ukrainian natural gas company named Burisma Holdings Limited. Hunter had no apparent qualifications for the job except that his father was the vice president and involved in the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy. He got paid up to $50,000 per month for the job and the situation constituted the kind of conflict of interest that was normally considered inappropriate in Washington until the Trump era.”

The Vox article goes on to say, “because the president of the United States regularly accepts payments from foreign sources to his company while in office, and so do the Trump children. The Obama administration probably should have done something about this at the time, but the White House couldn’t literally force Hunter not to accept the job. And given the larger family context, you can see why Joe might have been reluctant to confront his son about it.”

It doesn’t end with Burisma Holdings in the Ukraine. A NY Times article dated October 13, 2019 says, “Hunter Biden, whose overseas business dealings have drawn relentless attacks from President Trump and posed a threat to the candidacy of his father intends to step down from the board of a Chinese company, BHR, by the end of the month, his lawyer said on Sunday, a move his father later lauded in a forceful defense of his son’s integrity.”

President Donald Trump suggested that Hunter Biden had used his position as then-Vice President Joe Biden's son to secure a $1.5 billion deal with the Chinese state bank for a Chinese private equity company where he is a board member. The $1.5 billion appears to refer to a sum that BHR, the private equity firm, was trying to raise in 2014 to invest outside China, according to the Wall Street Journal. Hunter Biden has been a board member at BHR Equity Investment Fund Management Company, a Chinese state-backed private equity firm, since late 2013, according to The New York Times and the South China Morning Post. In 2017, Biden bought 10% of the company for about $420,000, The Times reported. That sum appeared in "Secret Empires," a book published last year that criticized Biden's business activities. Peter Schweizer, the author, said BHR "would seal a highly unusual $1.5 billion deal with funding from the Chinese government" after Biden flew to Beijing aboard Air Force Two at the time.” BHR was founded in 2013 by Chinese asset managers Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co. and Harvest Fund Management and U.S. investment and advisory firms Rosemont Seneca partners, co-founded by Hunter Biden, Christopher Heinz (the step-son of John Kerry), and Devon Archer, and Thornton Group LLC.

Let’s take a pause. Say you can get your head around the existence of a Deep State and that it exists regardless of what political party is in office. How does a Deep State perpetually exist? It does so because those who are part of it are rewarded by their participation, for looking the other way, they are coerced, or they are blackmailed. They are rewarded with career advancement, positions of power, and/or financially. Why does the Deep State not implode on itself over time? It’s because most people don’t know of its existence. It’s because the top of the Deep State pyramid is bonded together by more than greed for power and wealth—it’s a cult, a “religion,” a belief system to them, and, most likely, something bonded by generations of bloodlines. The cult can exist perpetually. If anyone violates the “rules” of the cult, regardless at the top or bottom of the pyramid, then they are of no use to the “Deep State.” This is why rarely anyone in Washington politics ever gets in trouble. They are part of the cult—Democrats and Republicans.

Back to Ukraine. Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe with a population of about 42 million, which is about the size of the State of California. Its capital city is Kiev. Ukranian is the official language. The dominant religion in the country is Eastern Orthodox. Ukraine gained its independence, when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. Since then, it has been in perpetual territorial dispute with Russia. The current president is Volodymyr Zelensky, who took the oath of office on May 20, 2019. Petro Poroshenko held the office of President for the five years before Zelensky. The annual GDP of Ukraine is about $120 billion or about ½ of 1 percent of the GDP of the US and is ranked about 56thin the world. It receives financial aid from many countries to “promote democracy” and military support.

The Washington Post reported on September 25, 2019, “But now the entire U.S. aid package to Ukraine — almost $400 million — has become a key exhibit in possible impeachment probes…Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States has consistently supplied foreign aid to Ukraine, partly to foster the pro-Western political and military links in a key country bordering Russia. The European Union and its financial institutions have provided more than $16.5 billion in grants and loans to support its reform process since 2014. In addition to those EU funds, Germany and Great Britain have pledged millions of dollars in assistance. And Japan, meanwhile, has given $3.1 billion in assistance to Ukraine to the establishment of diplomatic relations in the early 1990s.”

A Politico article of September 30, 2019 states that, “The U.S. has provided about $1.5 billion in military support to Kiev between 2014 and this past June, according to an updated analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. The U.S. bumped up its military support in 2014, soon after a popular uprising ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Russian troops annexed the Crimean Peninsula while fomenting a separatist uprising in eastern Ukraine's Donbass region.”

I came across an interesting article titled, “The Plundering of Ukraine by Corrupt American Democrats--A talk with Oleg Tsarev reveals the alleged identity of the "Trump/Ukraine Whistleblower,” by Israel Shamir, dated October 25, 2019. Mr. Tsarev had been a leading and popular Ukrainian politician before the overthrow of President Yanukovych’s in 2014. He ran for the Presidency against Moroshenko, and eventually had to go to exile due to multiple threats to his life. During the failed attempt to secede, he was elected the speaker of the Parliament of Novorossia (South-Eastern Ukraine).

Again, I caution you to take the following as what it is, another person’s view on what might be going on regarding the situation in Washington politics and government regarding the Ukraine.

Shamir asked Oleg, “Oleg, you followed the Biden story from its very inception. Biden is not the only Dem politician involved in the Ukrainian corruption schemes, is he?” Oleg’s reply was, “Indeed, John Kerry, the Secretary of State in Obama’s administration, was his partner-in-crime. But Joe Biden was number one. During the Obama presidency, Biden was the US proconsul for Ukraine, and he was involved in many corruption schemes. He authorized the transfer of three billion dollars of the US taxpayers’ money to the post-coup government of the Ukraine; the money was stolen, and Biden took a big share of the spoils.”

Shamir goes on, “It is a story of ripping the US taxpayer and the Ukrainian customer off for the benefit of a few corruptioners, American and Ukrainian. And it is a story of Kiev regime and its dependence on the US and IMF. The Ukraine has a few midsize deposits of natural gas, only sufficient for domestic household consumption. After the 2014 coup, the IMF demanded Ukraine raise the price of gas for the domestic consumer to European levels, and the new president Petro Poroshenko obliged them. The prices went sky-high. The Ukrainians were forced to pay many times more for their cooking and heating; and huge profits went to coffers of the gas companies. Instead of raising taxes or lowering prices, President Poroshenko demanded the gas companies pay him or subsidize his projects. He said that he arranged the price hike; it means he should be considered a partner. Burisma Gas company had to pay extortion money to president Poroshenko. Eventually its founder and owner Nicolai Zlochevsky decided to invite some important Westerners into the company’s board of directors hoping it would moderate Poroshenko’s appetites. He had brought in Biden’s son Hunter, John Kerry, Polish ex-President Kwasniewski; but it didn’t help him. Poroshenko became furious that the fattened calf may escape him, and asked the Attorney General Shokin to investigate Burisma, trusting some irregularities would emerge. AG Shokin immediately discovered that Burisma had paid these ‘stars’ between 50 and 150 thousand dollar per month each just for being on the list of directors. This is illegal by the Ukrainian tax code; it can’t be recognized as legitimate expenditure.”

The article goes on to say, “At that time Joe Biden the father entered the fray. He called Poroshenko and gave him six hours to close the case against Burisma (and his son’s involvement). Otherwise, one billion dollars of the US taxpayers’ funds wouldn’t pass to the Ukrainian corruptioners. Zlochevsky, the Burisma owner, paid Biden well for this conversation: he received between three and ten million dollars, according to different sources. AG Shokin said he can’t close the case within six hours; Poroshenko sacked him and installed Lutsenko in his stead. Lutsenko was willing to dismiss the case of Burisma. Biden, as we know, could not keep his trap shut: by talking about the pressure he put on Poroshenko, he incriminated himself. Meanwhile Shokin gave evidence that Biden put pressure on Poroshenko to fire him, and now it was confirmed. The evidence was given to the US lawyers.”

The article continues, “Talking about Burisma and Biden; what is this billion dollars of aid that Biden could give or withhold? It is USAID money, the main channel of the US aid for “support of democracy.” The first billion dollars of USAID came to the Ukraine in 2014. This was authorized by Joe Biden, while for Ukraine, the papers were signed by Turchinov, the “acting President.” The Ukrainian constitution does not know of such a position, and Turchinov, “the acting President,” had no right to sign neither a legal nor financial document. Thus, all the documents that were signed by him, in fact, had no legal force. However, Biden countersigned the papers signed by Turchynov and allocated money for Ukraine. And the money was stolen – by the Democrats and their Ukrainian counterparts. Two years ago, (under President Trump) the United States began to investigate the allocation of $3 billion dollars; it was allocated in 2014, in 2015, in 2016; one billion dollars per year. The investigation showed that the documents were falsified, the money was transferred to Ukraine, and stolen. The investigators tracked each payment, discovered where the money went, where it was spent and how it was stolen.”

“As a result, in October 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice opened a criminal case for “Abuse of power and embezzlement of American taxpayers’ money”. Among the accused there are two consecutive Finance Ministers of the Ukraine, Natalie Ann Jaresko who served 2014-2016 and Alexander Daniluk who served 2016-2018, and three US banks. The investigation caused the USAID to cease issuing grants since August 2019. As Trump said, now the US does not give away money and does not impose democracy.”

“The money was allocated with the flagrant violation of American law. There was no risk assessment, no audit reports. Normally the USAID, when allocating cash, always prepares a substantial package of documents. But the billions were given to Ukraine completely without documents. The criminal case on the embezzlement of USAID funds had been signed personally by the US Attorney General, so these issues are very much alive.”

“Sam Kislin was involved in this investigation. He is a good friend and associate of Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer and an ex-mayor of New York. Kislin is well known in Kiev, and I have many friends who are Sam’s friends, said Tsarev. I learned of his progress, because some of my friends were detained in the United States, or interrogated in Ukraine. They briefed me about this. It appears that Burisma is just the tip of the scandal, the tip of the iceberg. If Trump will carry on, and use what was already initiated and investigated, the whole headquarters of the Democratic party will come down. They will not be able to hold elections. I have no right to name names, but believe me, leading functionaries of the Democratic party are involved.”

“And President Zelensky? Is he free from Clintonite Democrats’ influence? If he were, there would not be the scandal of Trump phone call. How did the Democrats learn of this call and its alleged content? The official version says there was a CIA man, a whistle-blower, who reported to the Democrats. What the version does not clarify is where this whistle-blower was located during the call. I tell you, he was located in Kiev, and he was present at the conversation, at the Ukrainian President Zelensky’s side. This man was (perhaps) a CIA asset, but he also was a close associate of George Soros, and a Ukrainian high-ranking official. His name is Alexander Daniluk. He is also the man the investigation of Sam Kislin and of the DOJ had led to, the Finance Minister of Ukraine at the time, the man who was responsible for the embezzlement of $3 billion US taxpayer’s best dollars.”

“In all these scams, there are people of Clinton and spooks who are fully integrated in the Democratic Party. A former head of CIA, Robert James Woolsey, now sits on the Board of Directors of Velta, producing Ukrainian titanium. Woolsey is a neocon, a member of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) think-tank, and a man who relentlessly pushed for the Iraq war. A typical Democrat spook, now he gets profits from Ukrainian ore deposits.”

As I said previously, there is significant evidence that the Deep State in the US and beyond globally is a well-orchestrated hierarchy, yet distributed network of individuals and groups, that have unlimited wealth to garner power and control over most of the world and almost all key systems of society, including the news media, TV, entertainment, and politicians. We see people overlapping on company and non-profit boards, raking in millions. We see these people rotating into and out of government jobs, politics, and think tanks, also raking in millions. It’s pretty certain the intelligence agencies are orchestrating much of what transpires legally and illegally regarding the Deep State and events around the world, and politicians are much aware of this. At the end of the day, if the truth actually comes into the light and can be verified, some people are going to have some explaining to do, and it might just involve both Republicans and Democrats and career Deep State politicians. Time will tell.



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