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Biden Crime Family — Like Father Like Son

Hunter Biden was indicted this past week for tax fraud for writing off as business expenses over 4 years the following plus others:

$683,212 to "Various Women"

$397,530 on "Clothing and Accessories"

$188,960 on "Adult Entertainment"

$309,000 in "Tuition and Education"

He withdrew $1,664,000 from the ATM. That’s $1,100 per day. Who spends that when hardly anyone carries any cash these days?

His father still claims to never have spoken or met with Hunter’s business associates from Ukraine, Russia, or China that earned Hunter many millions. Yet, it has been proven through testimony in front of Congress that Biden did so over 20 times. So, what does that make Joe other than in on Hunter's crimes.

The Biden family setup at least 20 shell companies in attempts to hide payments from China, Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere. The only “product” involved was the Biden family name and what Joe could do in terms of political influence. If Joe got a piece of the action, as the 20% to the "Big Guy," then he's involved.

The Democrats have tried to make Trump look like a criminal but have provided no proof he is.

Joe Biden may not be the most corrupt president in history. But, he is our current president and at a minimum unquestionably a national embarrassment. Worse and most likely, he's a pathological liar who has sold out our country and the American people for the almighty dollar.

You won't get the truth from the corrupt news media. But yes, that's Joe Biden. Grifting off the American tax payer for 53 years. The head of the Biden crime family.

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