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Not Repeating a Painful Past

How many people will wake-up, as the Controllers struggle to keep those not awake asleep? That’s the most important question of our time. Plenty are fully aware of what is happening, but feel completely powerless to change anything. The one power Americans thought they still had was the power of the vote. Silly them. Now they know it's completely gone and maybe hasn’t been there for some time.

To be sure, a lot of “isms” have been bantered about before and post election. Socialism. Communism. Fascism. Frankly, most have been used incorrectly, without historical context. I believe we are actually in a state of full-on Corporatism, which is the merger of state and corporate power and the control of the systems of society by wealthy people. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and George Soros to name a few. Almost every media asset is owned by six global corporations. That’s a lot of power, as well as the ability to create a consistent narrative whether a truth or a lie.

But it is political cronyism, which both Democrat and Republican politicians know quite well, that is the glue that keeps Corporatism all together. D’s and R’s are just two sides of the same coin. Each gets their cut of the action. Some of it hidden in Cyprus bank accounts. Others, like the “Big Guy,” get it by way of their cut from family members. Most all politicians and those in charge of the systems of society are corrupted by greed and lust for power and control, and certainly many entertain a myriad of psychoses, the least of which is narcissism. That’s a fact. It always has been.

Today, 14% of all Americans who vote are functionally illiterate. Over 40% of Americans who vote have not read a book since their formal education. Most are simply uninformed, and there is plenty of blame to go around. Just take for example voter fraud. Few listened to the state hearings on election fraud, read the legal filings, looked at the statistical data analysis, or read the DNI’s assessment, to name a few sources. We didn’t need to do so because Facebook, Twitter, CNN, MSNBC, and, yes, just for Trump supporters, Fox News, told us there was no voter fraud. “Come on man.” There has been voter fraud since before Al Capone. Now, it’s just done with computer code under the watchful eye of the Controllers.

In order to advance as humans we must admit that people are conditioned to not think for themselves or simply conditioned to trust the systems of society, including politicians. For the sake of humanity we actually should consider looking in the mirror, question our own state of mind, and care to do something. No more cognitive dissonance should be acceptable to any of us. It’s not those in control that destroy societies. It’s always the collective ignorance and inaction of its people, including even the so-called most educated, and yes, those are often not the wisest.

Bad history always eventually repeats itself, if we let it, because evil people exist. But to not let this happen, we must understand how we got to our present predicament and even admit that we too are not immune to being fooled. It even requires that we actually read about the past, even if it was yesterday, and to do something not to repeat the painful parts. The formula for success is so simple, yet unfortunately often so hard to put into action.


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