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Money, Sex, and Revenge

Everything evil in the world happens either because of money, sex, or revenge. There is a lot of money to be made and has been made from the “green” narrative. Ask Al Gore. It used to be “global warming,” but now it’s climate change—both up and down. Wasn’t the East Coast supposed to be under water by now? Human trafficking happens for money, because people are “currency,” and, of course, the provision of sex makes someone money. Look at Epstein, Maxwell, their “honey pot” island, and their “clients.” And then there are the Democrats, who are after Trump and his people, like Steve Bannon, for revenge, because how dare Trump expose their evil, corrupt, soulless, and insane intentions.

One truth for sure is that too many people on Earth don’t question a damn thing, and this is a symptom of a pretty important problem that needs to be discussed and addressed. I often ask, how could it be that people don’t question or care to do so. The only logical answers are: it’s not time for these people to “wake up” to the truths and/or people are consumed with day-to-day survival and aren’t paying or don’t care to pay attention. One challenge today, for everyone, is where to look for the truths amongst a sea of liars and lies.

Setting that aside, have we asked ourselves whether the people who can’t find the truths or actually know the truths but don’t care, are actually complicit and/or unknowingly co-conspirators with the “evil ones?“ Why should we give thsee people a pass? Too many people don’t question, hence fall for the lies, and are allowing those controlling the narratives and systems of society to run amuck at our expense. Yes, these people are family members, neighbors, friends, and co-workers. Should we really be breaking bread with them?

These people are the ones who blindly trust the “Fauci’s” of the world. They believe Biden when he says, “it’s Putin’s fault.” These are the people who wore the “pussy hats”, yet have no clue who was behind the movement and how they benefited financially. They’re the ones who have the Black Lives Matter sign in their yard, but don’t question the flow of money to “BLM”’and to whom. They are the ones who think Biden legitimately won. Come on man. “It was the most secure election ever.” They are the ones who see no issue with open borders and a “new world order”. Look at the billions “Biden” is sending to Ukraine. People have no clue that it’s one of the leading money laundering centers of the world. Think Hunter Biden and his million dollar a year gig with Burisma. Yet, let’s all fly the Ukrainian flag and not question anything. Yippie. How many people actually question whether Trump is just the other side of the cabal, also seeking power, but eventually at our expense. Yes Ollie. A fine mess we are in.

I often ask myself how we can possibly rid ourselves of the mess we are in. Yet, others perceive otherwise. So, why is there such a difference of perception regarding our reality? Is it ignorance? Mind control/ manipulation? Laziness? Apathy? Are we living in the same dimension of space but frequencies of different realities? What are the root causes of such differences? If we can’t determine this, how do we move humanity forward to a better place? Evil will just prosper and the innocent taken advantage of, over and over again.

I guess little has probably changed in the thousands upon thousands of years since humanity took root, except scale. There are almost 8 billion people on Earth today. How many are actually “awake?” How many will it take to right this titanic of a situation? Maybe we can’t. Maybe we just need another Flood.


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