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Hello God, we have a problem and need your help!

Hello God, we have a problem and need your help. Not tomorrow, but today. We have a massive infection of deep state criminals, traitors, and truly uninformed people in our country. It’s painful to watch them in action. Yet, at the same time I’m very sad for their souls and worried about the future of our Republic. Unfortunately, the evil ones seem to have the upper hand, for now, and are bolstered by their co-conspirators and traitors in the news media, medicine, politics, law enforcement, and other corrupt systems of society. It's quite unsettling to one who cares about morals and ethics to see such lawlessness. Right now, I’m asking you, God, for an intervention. I'm begging, actually! Please help us all turn the tide against all this evil. Please free people’s minds from the programming / brainwashing and allow them to awaken to the truths. Please act now as people are suffering. God, thanks in advance for your consideration. Amen.

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