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False Flags and the 2020 Election

I've seen polls ranging from 49% to 85% of people who believe that 9/11 did not happen the way we are told. I know it happened, because I lost 15 employees. As a licensed pilot, I also know how hard it is to land a jet “on the numbers” much less hit the side of a building at 250 MPH when trained in a small plane. So, yes, I admit. I question the official narrative.

Some portion of survey respondents also believe 9/11 and other events are what are called "false flags," designed and orchestrated to accomplish an objective rooted in a particular agenda. Post 9/11, invading Iraq certainly preserved access to oil and gas reserves worth trillions and made the military industrial complex many trillions also. But interestingly, even on our home soil, researchers do find pictures and interviews of people who appear to be present at multiple disasters. How can this happen? These people, in the trade of false flags, are referred to as “crisis actors.” Think about this. Events with an underling agenda are staged everyday. That Rose Garden ceremony with the doctors in lab coats. The candidate rally with people of all ethnicities and age standing behind the candidate happily cheering and holding signs. So, why not an event staged with a sinister agenda. Adolf Hitler, in his 1925 book Mein Kampf, wrote that, if one is to lie, then “make it colossal, as then the masses could not believe that anyone could have the arrogance and impudence to distort the truth so famously.”

A false flag event takes its name from the days of piracy. Before taking over a ship, pirates would sail the flag of a nation that was known to be friendly to their targeted ship. When they got close enough, the pirates would raise their flag, showing their true colors and commandeer the unsuspecting ship, take its loot, and release or kill its crew. False flags today are much more subversive and don’t give their victims the courtesy of knowing they’ve been duped. Instead, modern false flags go for the long play. They are committed by people and groups who have the breadth and depth of resources to hide their true intent. This way they can maintain legitimacy and power and commit other false flag acts in the future to further their agenda.

Was 9/11 actually a false flag? How about school shootings? The Las Vegas shooting? Are the riots happening around the country orchestrated false flags? How about BLM, which seems to only show up every voting cycle, but is forgotten shortly thereafter? How about COVID or is the virus itself cover for a false flag happening today? COVID is certainly causing chaos, fear, and an extension of government reach into our day to day lives, and interestingly headlining the day after the Trump impeachment failed. It's just not statistically possible that absolutely everything that is happening six months before an election is happening organically or randomly or without some coordination or collusion.


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