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Eventually The Truth Always Wins, But It Sucks Until It Does

Jack Nicholson in the movie “A Few Good Men” famously said, “You can’t handle the truth.” I say, yes we can. Well, most. Yet, one doesn’t know what they don’t know until they discover it.

Statistically half the population has not read a book since formal schooling. Likewise, 95% have not read a historical book post education. That’s a lot of discovering left on the table for a society. That’s one reason why the bad parts of history often are allowed to repeat, because evil people are not so clever to devise new tactics. They just rinse, recycle, and play word games. The virus started as Wuhan, until China arm twisted, then Novel Corona Virus because it’s DNA is 78 identical to the Corona virus listed on the Clorox bottle, but that wasn’t scary enough, so it was changed to COVID-19 with D standing for disease. I’m not saying that the 99.998% survivable virus does not exist. I’m saying that fear easily fools many to extreme conditions, like double masks when we were told a mask work.

But back to history. Not knowing the past is partly why people can’t see the agenda of those who care more about their own power and wealth than about humanity and, yes, the planet. (Another reason is cognitive dissonance.) Those really in control don’t care about us or global warming or ocean health or educating the inner city youth or helping those in need, etc. Maybe a little. But mostly, they care about getting their cut of the financial action. Not all in government are involved. But, you know who they and their family members are. It’s obvious. Yet, some won’t admit it.

History repeats, but who can even explain the difference between Mao’s communism and that of Stalin or Pol Pot? How about the “50” different forms of socialism and capitalism? Who understands how Hitler came to power, the role of the Sturmabteilung (Brown shirts), the indoctrination of children in schools, and even the campaign to label the Jews as unsanitary and requiring them to wear a yellow star? I’m not the only one who sees parallels in today’s tactics—divide our country over the vaccinated and those not and introduce vaccine passports controlling movement and access to all services? If you think a vaccine passport is just about a vaccine, well, please think again. We are dangerous to the controllers when we know too much, hence the bigger the thumb of control over us. I get it, because I’ve studied the persecution of the Jews and other groups and the different ideologies and forms of control over societies.

So, if we admit that we are programmed from an early age to trust authority—the police, the President, the priest, etc.—then we can be better equipped to discern what’s really going on. Respect is a good thing, but taken too far and it’s foolish. Unless we actually question what we are told by authority, we will never truly know. We think we know, but it’s often surface understanding and useless to really knowing. A lot of ignorance is going around these days.

Yet, I do believe many are awake and understand this and what’s really happening, but feel they can do nothing. I tell you this, you can. I just choose to write and talk to a lot of people , and yes, I’ve taken many arrows. Maybe it’s not the time for others to awaken and maybe they never will. But maybe just a nudge will do.

It’s not the unaware or apathetic who help move humanity forward. It’s those who consciously decide to be in the game and do so. Yet, time is never on the side of the people, unless there is a collective consensus on where to go. We are only potential, if we know where we are going and make an effort to get there. It’s time to stop allowing politicians and talking heads like Dr. Faucci decide how 350 million people live their lives. It’s time to reject their lies and control tactics. I have a friend who once said that politicians and our government lie and that’s the way it is. Resignation towards evil is very dangerous. It’s time to speak out and say enough is enough.


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