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Power Elite, Earth Government, the UN, and the Club of Rome

The existence of a single world government and its necessity was decided in the United Nations’ main Charter on the first day it was created on June 26, 1945, and politicians have repeatedly referred to it since. It houses the Agenda 21, 2030, 2052 and the Global Governance 2025. The global government for the people ruling the United Nations is a done deal. It is the law, written in UN documents as if exists today. To them, there is no discussion nor a necessity to explain it to “we the people,” much like how the EU is run today by unelected bureaucrats. We will never have a say in the matter, unless we first understand their intent.

The world’s body of government will be called “Earth Government” and according to its “Constitution,” this Earth Government will have its designated parliament, army, monetary system, world religion, and governmental education system. Yet, what exact unit was responsible to produce this UN Charter? The answer is The Club of Rome. This elite unit was created by the nobility of Europe—the “Power Elite.” This is where the United Nations’ decisions are made and is the real think-tank and Commander in Chief behind the United Nations. The behind-the-scenes founder of the Club of Rome was none other than David Rockefeller. It was founded in 1968 at a secret gathering at his estate in Bellagio, Italy. vThe Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations are the Public Relations office of the Club of Rome—also founded by whom other than David Rockefeller? The Club of Rome describes itself as “a group of world citizens, sharing a common concern for the future of humanity.” This “group of world citizens” means the highest ranks of the elite—some known but many unknown to us—and “common concern” means their self-serving agenda—regardless of impact on our lives. They will manufacture any crisis to exert more and more control over us towards a one world government—even a pandemic—yes, they don’t care about you or me—in war there are casualties—we are not the elite of the world—we are expendable.

What I’m trying to point out by this example is that key events and decisions that affect our lives do not happen randomly and are not always in our best interests. They are orchestrated by a network of Power Elite decision makers, all vying for their cut of wealth, power, and control on a path towards a one world government. We saw the people of Britain with Brexit, the Yellow Vest movement in France, and others in Europe reject the European Union (EU), for the same reason that we in the US should be rejecting the Power Elite’s ambition of a one world government, under a one world religion, under a single unelected body of control. If you think there is an ideological difference between most Democrat and Republican politicians on this matter, well, there isn’t. Most are chosen and put in place for a reason.

Yet, whom shall we vote for? No one? Makes no sense, right? Maybe pray for wisdom. Pray that the deceivers are revealed to the masses. Pray that the decisions you make in life are informed and in the best interest of humanity. Listen to your own intuition. Observe. Question. Research. Discern your own truths.


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