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Do You Want to Win or Not?

Democrat leaders are overtly capable of sociopathic authoritarianism, cruelty towards the American people, and contempt towards anyone brave enough to expose their pathological lies and sick actions and behaviors. They don’t even try to hide this and prove this point over and over again. Yet, so many just see this as “normal” or don’t care, making “the people“ part of the problem. Yes, “the people.”

It’s time for the American people collectively to put all politics aside, admit they’ve been duped by corrupt leaders of both parties, and critically think about what’s really going on in our country and the world and decide what makes sense and what doesn’t.

Stop watching the nightly news, brought to you by a power elite who write the common script for what they want you to believe is the truth. You can figure this out for yourself with just questioning and seeking answers. You have a brain that can critically think. Use it and your internal “bullshit meter” to discern the truths from the lies. It’s not that difficult. The professional liars in politics and the media are good, but not that good that we can’t see the truths through their illusions.

So, think about this. Throughout history, societies have gone off-the-rails because of bad leaders and complacent and ignorant citizens. What happens next in the US is not up to our leaders. It’s up to we “the people.“ Don’t think for a second that our leaders will fix anything. They’re in the business of stoking fear and perpetuating, not solving problems.

Today, not tomorrow, enough must admit that people were willing to commit crimes to rig the vote for Joe Biden. This is a fact backed up by enough data to put a thousand “mules,” politicians, elite bag-money people, people part of the NGO’s involved, and the illegal non-profit get-out-the-vote stuff-the-drop-box people in jail. Enough people must be able to see this clearly and admit that Joe Biden is illegitimate and that some powerful people are behind our gravely deteriorating situation. For gods sake, we are going off a cliff as a country economically and culturally.

Who really thinks honestly, for a second, and firmly believes Joe Biden got more votes than any President in history? Belief in such a fantasy must stop. This isn’t some Disney movie. This is serious stuff. Take a stand. Complacency is just a way of approving of the criminality and the continuing psychopathy of really disturbed leaders and citizens. Do you really want to be that kind of person, just because you didn’t like the other guy?

Today we are at war with a visible and invisible enemy that seems to be winning. And, frankly, we are at war with friends, neighbors, and even family members who are ignorant to the facts. Have you figured this out? Do you want to win for the future of humanity—the future of our kids and grandkids—or not? Think. What side of history do you want to be on?


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