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Did You See the Gorilla?

The most important things a human needs to know in life are, generally speaking, not taught in school. Yes, there are a few exceptions, mostly in alternative schools and with teachers aware that these skills need to be exposed to students. These teachings are simply how to live with awareness, skillfully and consciously. As a result, what’s in decline in our contemporary world is the presence of wisdom. One doesn’t become wise with their head in a phone, screen time on social media, or watching TV. Becoming wise requires somewhat conceptual practices, yet millions and millions know this and do so daily.

Wisdom is defined many ways. But wisdom should not be confused with intelligence, information, or even one’s level of education. One can be highly educated yet lacking in wisdom. One can have little education yet be totally aware, present, and connected to an inner realm where wisdom can arise. If one’s head is stuck in the outer world, clouded by manufactured and repetitive false narratives, living in a state of worry and fear, or unaware of how society is manipulated by the few and enabled by the controlled systems of society, then wisdom can rarely surface, if at all. To not get stuck, it takes, first of all, a realization that the outer world does not materially matter in the scheme of things and is being manipulated for a reason—and often that reason is to not better our lives. The outer world does not help us to be a good citizen, to be compassionate towards others, to be open-minded, self-aware, or to be a happy human being. It does not help us discern the truths from the lies. Yet it can certainly affect our ability to tap into that inner realm where wisdom resides.

It is only we as individuals who allow the outer world to influence our perceptions of reality. Such sleight of hand, by those controlling society’s trajectory, has been practiced by these illusionists and their systems of society since the beginning of time, and, frankly, is in overdrive today and far easier to accomplish. The physical outer world is being manipulated with wars and manufactured crises. The narrative world is today being manipulated by “big tech,” social media, entertainment, and the news media. All one needs is a social media account and a green screen and one can create something that looks like it is real but is actually faked—and people buy the physical and narrative hook line and sinker. The tools at the illusionist’s disposal, with the technology of today, are often beyond even my grasp—and I spent a career working in intelligence, defense, and finance.

What I’m reminded of is the famous Gorilla experiment. People are told to watch a video of participants bouncing a ball amongst themselves. A gorilla walks in front of the people and stands for a few seconds. At the end of the video, people are asked what they saw. Half of the people in the survey did not see the gorilla. Yes, half. When one develops this inattentional blindness, as this effect is called, it becomes easy to miss details when one is not looking out for them. Although people still try to rationalize why they missed the gorilla, it's hard to explain such a failure in awareness, without confronting the possibility that we are aware of far less of our world than we think—far far less. Yes, we have a failure in awareness today, broadly across society, and this is partly why we have such a divide. People just fail to see what’s really and truly happening.

My belief is that the primary issue we have in society today is that people’s awareness is on decline—and this might be the actual "virus" that sinks humanity. We think we are aware because we have better access to information with the use of technology. Yet, what really are we aware of? We are aware that Suzie got the vaccine and her arm hurts. Bob was on vacation in the Bahamas. Kim Kardashian has a new car. See what I mean? The gorilla experiment was conducted in 1999. Instead of half the people not seeing the gorilla, would this be more or less if conducted today. If more, what does this say in aggregate about the state of awareness, and ultimately wisdom, in society today? Can we survive as a species, with wisdom on the decline also? I think not.

So, if wisdom is on decline and people are becoming more and more unaware of their true reality, what can we do? First, we have to admit to ourselves that we can be fooled. We all are, to some degree—some much more than others. We might think about what really matters in life. We might start questioning what we are told to believe is true and ask why, who, and what agenda might be at play. We might start listening to our own intuition as to what is true and what is a lie. We might think about how to become more and more aware that there are those with a less than altruistic agenda, with no limitations to which they will go to fool us into believing what they want us to believe is true. As I said earlier, the illusionists of today are very capable and are in full out mode. I read an article recently that said that on average 50 percent of what we believe is true is not. So, how much are you really aware of today? Do you question what you are told to believe is true? Remember, half of the observers did not see the gorilla?

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