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Corrupted People and Corrupted Minds

There is something hugely wrong in a society when corruption runs rampant. When a society has thousands and maybe even millions of people who are willing to act in corrupt (and even illegal) ways as well as millions and millions of people whose minds have been corrupted to the point that they don’t try to discern truths from lies, then humanity is in deep trouble.

Take for example the 2020 election. There is considerable real evidence, such as video, that has been presented to the courts and state legislatures that there was enough corruption in the 2020 election to steal it from Trump. Yet, no actions have been taken at the state or federal level to look deeply at the charges of corruption and take action. The movie “2000 Mules” presents enough evidence that likely 7 percent of all ballots were illegally presented by thousands of people willing to do so. Corrupted people. Yet, too many people are not willing to even entertain the possibility that the election was stolen and that it’s ok for “big tech” to censor those who do. Corrupted minds.

Corrupted minds can range from a “little off” to downright pathological. For whatever reason, some people believe it’s ok to talk about sexual and transgender topics with a 5 year old or that millions of people coming over our southern border illegally is legal and ok. Millions of people think it’s ok that the election was rigged and stolen, because Trump is no longer our President. That “Black Lives Matter” is not a scam “movement” perpetrated by whites who hate white people because they believe white peoples are racist. That January 6th was in “insurrection.” Yes, people are ignorant enough to think so. Yet it's these corrupted people and the corrupted minds of others who seem to be in charge of the narrative and telling us what to believe is true and ok for our kids and society at large.

Never mind the last almost 3 years of the COVID insanity. Masks work, but the data says no, but the people wear them. Fauci speaks and people jump. Trust the science. Who even took the time to question what was going on? Vaccine companies make a lot of money off vaccines, yet people are not willing to entertain that there could be some corrupted people at the helm, both within these companies and, yes, in our own government. We are conditioned to unconditionally trust authority figures and not question them. Does this make sense?

Until enough people are willing to stand up and say no to corrupted people and corrupted minds, then we’re probably screwed as a society, and this is how societies decay and eventually implode. When such people are in control, history always repeats.


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