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Cancel Culture: Why Are They After Religion

I don’t have a problem with people who do not believe in a creator, a source, or the Abrahamic G-d, as long as they are not “Evil.” But I do have a problem when one’s belief system allows Evil to be acceptable. We have far too much of this today in society, and detecting who and why it's happening is important if we care about the future of humanity.

If we look outside our own worldview, there are many belief systems.  Most are anchored to some form of religious or so-called religious principles and practices. This is important to understand, because it is a person’s belief system or ideology that frames what actions are acceptable or not—hence an individual's or group's rationale for committing evil or good. The “cancel religion” people and those with the biggest megaphone, like Bill Maher, exist for a reason. They are playing a role in a movement. Most normal people have no clue that this is happening or even why. But, these "cancel religion" people know exactly what they are doing.

There are still people today—yes today--who worship the Egyptian gods of Osiris and Isis, or Lucifer, Satan, Ra, Baal, Molach, or a whole pantheon of other so-called gods.  Some people today believe they descend from the Nephilim (as in the offspring of the "sons of G-d" and the "daughters of men" before the Deluge, according to Genesis 6:1–4.) and hence are entitled to rule humanity—they truly believe they are the "royalty" of the elite. Some people believe they descend from Cain (as in Genesis 4, Cain murdered Abel), that Cain is the son of Eve and (the Morning Star god) Lucifer (aka the Snake in the Garden of Eden), and that they will do anything to avenge G-d’s “curse of Cain.” They will do anything, in order to wipe the Abrahamic religions from the face of the earth (because Lucifer’s nemesis is Adonai, the G-d of Abraham). Some today even believe their “religion” allows for the trafficking of children for sex and the sacrifice of humans to their gods.

Many so-called “religions” or belief systems exist today that have continued for a very long time. All one has to do is research the Sabbateans and the Frankists, whose decendents are believed to be central to the power of the “deep state” today and to be the cartel of all cartels, controlling world central banking, intelligence agencies, the news media, entertainment, and many politicians. They are the ones who want a one world government, a one world religion (but not one based on the Abrahamic G-d), and a one world language. To them, the end justified the means. The Sabbateans and Frankists who exist today believe one must commit extreme evil in order to “fall” and to then advance to “god-like” status on earth. They believe in sexual excesses and are prolific pedophiles.

If we believe that these ancient belief systems are a thing of the past and are not influencing peoples’ evil decisions and actions today then we are lacking context for understanding how this can be the case. The true history of belief systems always gives us a window into the present, and we should never forget this. Some of the “cancel religion” people have this window into the past and know exactly what they are doing, but most don’t. Most participating don’t know why they are doing what they are doing or why they believe what they believe. This is because people's belief systems are easily conditioned. Most people don't know it but they are following and even idolizing those that are truly evil, and rather than knowing this and understanding why, present a great problem for the future of humanity. The last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation, was written for a reason.


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