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Cabal Symbols and the Hidden Language

We must understand people and events in history to understand who really controls society, how, and why. There is a “hidden hand.” A “silent enemy.” An actual Cabal. It has existed for a long time.

We are each a node on their sentient world simulation model. They track everything about us and use Quantum computers to predict our reactions and influence our behaviors. They know our likes and dislikes. We tell them more about ourselves every time we use our computer or phone. Apps are free because the data about us is really what’s valuable. The news media and social media reinforce the Cabal’s decided narrative of the hour. The “4am talking points.”

The Cabal communicate to each other using symbols, numbers, pictures, and words that have coded meaning to them. We can see this in their logos, tweets, FB posts, and musical performances. We don’t know any of this because we are not initiated. At the top are multi-generational families, some we know, but most we have never heard of. They don’t believe in an Abrahamic God. To them the fight is “biblical,” but their god is Lucifer and they worship Satan and a pantheon of “fallen angels.” You can’t walk down a street in San Francisco without seeing their symbolism. They have their own calendar of “holy” days with prescribed rituals and sacrifices.

We are in the middle of one of them this week. Governors who are making children wear a mask who are over 2, 5, 8 (no scientific consistency) are including us in their rituals. They are told what to do. 33, 17, 11. Numbers are important and tell us what they are up to, if we know what to look for. To them, we are a game. Like “The Hunger Games.” We consent to their actions every day but have no clue we are doing so. They have their minions who control politics, education, key systems of society, and criminal enterprises like human trafficking. All these players have sold their souls for a pay day and power. We instinctively distrust politicians, and we should. But it’s not about Democrats versus Republicans. That’s the illusion they want us to buy.


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