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"Biden is Pathetic" (says Rich Lowry and Every Sane American)

Rich Lowry was on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show today (June 23, 2022) and described Biden as "pathetic" -- as a "simpleton" -- a person "overwhelmed by reality and having no clue what to do."

I say, should this be a surprise to anyone who has followed Biden’s career? When has he ever had to set strategy, lead, and manage since becoming a US Senator in 1973? It's not what Senators or VP's do. That's the job of a "chief of staff.” Now, if Biden had been a Governor, I’d consider otherwise, based on the facts.

Lowry went on to say that "it takes no skill to debunk Biden's lies," as plentiful as they are, and that "Biden contradicts himself all the time." I stay, when one is a professional liar, like Biden and many politicians, it's probably hard to keep track of what you say, to whom, and when.

I say, here's one notable lie affecting all of us. Biden said, “the US has a strong economy.“ Yet, GDP was -1.4% in Q1. By the way, minus is bad. Inflation hit 8.6%, the highest in 40 years. The cost of food is up 11.9%. The price of eggs is up 32.2%. Energy is up 34.6%. The average price of a gallon of gas was $2.17 in June 2020 and two years later is $4.82. According to a CBS News article published on June 17th, the stock market's fall in 2022 has wiped out $3 trillion in retirement savings. Fox News put the number at $5 trillion.

Lowry said "the Biden administration has done everything from day 1 to destroy the oil and gas industry, all because of their "green new deal" ideology." What’s maddening to me is that Biden doesn‘t seem to care how many people are harmed financially with higher energy prices, which just proves that their actions are on purpose. It’s downright silly to expect a “week to week paycheck” person to purchase and drive an electric vehicle. It's no surprise that Joe Biden's disapproval rating is 71%, which is worse than the worst President to date before Biden, namely Jimmy Carter.

Lowry went on to share that "Biden’s policies and the tightening of environmental rules forced the closure of 11 oil and gas refineries." But, then what’s crazy to me is Biden then asks the oil and gas companies to “pump and refine more.” Where is this extra oil to come from? We know Biden cancelled pipeline projects. There have been no new oil and gas drilling leases issued during the Biden administration. Even the Federal Reserve Chairman said gas prices will not go lower by raising interest rates. Only millions of jobs will be lost.

So, interestingly, the CEO of Chevron wrote a strong letter to Biden sharing what the federal government needed to do to encourage companies to pump and refine more oil, which Biden asked them to do. The CEO said it costs billions to build a new refinery and no company at this time is willing to take the risk. When the Press asked Biden about the CEO’s letter, Biden's response was condescending. He said “the CEO is a little touchy,” and then proceeded to double down and blame the oil and gas industry for current energy costs.

Lowry scorched Biden even further. His description of Biden as pathetic is apropos, and I guess we should say the same for his supporters who think he’s doing a great job.


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