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Their Takedown is Alive but Will It Fail?

There are armies of funded activists and fake journalists strategically working together with the deep pockets of globalist funding to destroy individual human freedoms within all democratic nations. Sounds crazy, but is true. The US is their focus. As the US goes, so does the rest of the World. I won’t go into the ideological and belief systems underlying this, but suffice it to say that they include ancient religious pagan, satanic, and luciferian beliefs, those beliefs rooted in the Marxist underbelly of post WWI Germany, the ideology of the Sabbateans and Frankists, and the Frankfurt School’s partnership with Columbia University that hugely influenced the ideology of academia. Millions upon millions have no clue the origins of these beliefs and are not even schooled in all the “isms“ involved. Yet, they know that something is hugely wrong and have awakened. We see this in the US, France (yellow vest movement), England (Brexit), and elsewhere. But is it too late? The Controllers hope so.

This year the Controllers pulled the trigger on their long awaited and meticulously planned activation of a multi-pronged ideological subversion in the western nations, with millions of people being subjected to unprecedented restrictions on their personal freedoms, human rights, and free speech, which has forced radical changes and limitations on our ability to freely carry-out our personal and professional lives.

Upon closer examination of the current crisis events and using some critical thinking, the money-trail can be followed back to non-governmental organizations and globalist institutions who seem to have a penchant for False Flags and bad actors. Then we can ask who and what is actually benefiting from all of this orchestrated chaos, economic terrorism, division and upheaval, and subversion of western democracy, while fanning the flames of anarchy in the streets as part of their methods of infiltration and subversion. We know who the actors are, but the Controllers are very good at staying under the radar. Yes, George Soros, and others are involved, but he is not the top of the Controller pyramid. This is a discussion for another day.

What we are experiencing is a well-orchestrated coup attempt happening on physical and metaphysical fronts, and the rabbit hole goes deeper than most people can digest. It’s not just a coup against President Trump. And it’s not just the Democrats. It involves plenty of Republicans. Political party is not the issue. That’s the the illusion and it goes far deeper. The plan for the takedown of America and Agenda 2030 has actually been in plain sight for a long time. Now many more of us need to awaken to this, so we are informed about giving or not giving our consent and also understand what these forces are doing in order to achieve their dystopian goals.

Within this, we are also in the midst of a heightened spiritual battle that is taking place on the ground in the west; and through the physical world there is a visible effort to gain complete control over our minds. It is the battle for installing a Satanic-Luciferian ideology into the mainstream without any moral and ethical limits, and into every-day technology which strips individual human beings of their dignity, divinity and personal freedom. The lawlessness, destruction, and riots happenings in our cities are just part of this effort. The battle happening is also laying the full infrastructure required for a Techno-Totalitarian world, which is essential for the next stages the Controllers plan to implement, which are mandated nano-chip vaccinations and plans for directed evolution, eugenics, and finally, transhumanism.

If we pay attention to all of the means they are using for enforcing tyrannical control through psychological warfare, including masks, the terrorism tactics of censorship, political correctness, groupthink thought police, funding anarchists, supporting lawlessness, and vaccinations, all of this is made visible for us to see. Naysayers, with firing brain cells not linked into the hive-net perpetuating the groupthink, can no longer deny these events as fringe conspiracy theories. They are waking up. To stop feeding into the staged events designed to co-create extreme pain and suffering, we must be educated to understand why and how this was done, and how what we are actually observing happening now is the result of many years of methodical grooming and patient subversion to socially accept the Controller’s anti-humane agenda.

We must be willing to overcome the fear and other programming and denial; and to be potentially very uncomfortable when seeing the ugly truths staring us in the face. We must be willing to connect the dots of the disinformation campaigns being deployed in order to see the accurate motivations hidden behind the weaponization of these narratives. The answer to all of this insanity is our full dedication to seeking the truth, opening our heart and listening for the whispers of our next direction, taking steps to heal ourselves, and increase coherence, which happens naturally when we have faith.

You don’t need to do a lot to help in this quest. Be awake, question, and find your own truths. Be a good person. Have compassion for others who have not awakened. Share the truths. Be vigilant in keeping your own vibration high. Eat healthy. Drink clean water. And last but not least have faith that a higher force is in support of humanity. But, we can’t rely on others to do the work for us. We must do it ourselves.

*Adapted from the writings of Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis, June 2020, Groupthink - Energetic Synthesis


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