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The Great Reset: It’s Not What You Think

With Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the next in line Nancy Pelosi, plus the rest of the Democrat party and many Republicans, is anyone taking them seriously anymore? We must be the laughingstock of the world and the butt of every meme. But, it’s not funny, and I don’t know how we will survive the ridiculousness of it all, or as some call it “The Great Reset.“ Yet, I know one thing. The village idiots are representing our country now and making a lot of people who voted for them look like fools. But, then again, does our vote even count.

So, let’s just summarize what’s really going on, because it’s not just about Joe Biden and his inner circle. We know he’s not very smart and may be as corrupt as Al Capone. But, the truth is that he‘s low on the “power elite’s totem pole and just playing a role in the quest to make the world into what these power elite want it to be. Whether it‘s good for humanity or not, they don‘t care. Joe Biden does what he’s told, because they have dirt on him. This is also not about VP Kamala, who appears to be an expert at saying nothing of substance, ever. Those are distractions—look at them, but not over here at the evil stuff we‘re doing and planning. Maybe resistance is futile. I don’t know. But I’m not throwing in the towel.

What we are witnessing seems to be the systematic destruction of the cultures and economies of the West, on purpose, by some pretty pathologically insane people. It can’t be anything else. Manufactured chaos is their technique, so they never let one go to waste, as John Podesta once said. “Conspiracy theorists” warned this was coming, but few wanted to listen. Few wanted to question. Many just did and do what they are told. It’s a sad commentary on society and some supposed smart people.

False flags like January 6th are used to show the common people what will happen if they protest and resist. Planned pandemics help to prove that people can be suckered into doing anything that authority tell them to do. Speak out and Big Tech censors you. Wait till we have a digital currency and the government restricts access to your own money because you Tweeted ”Let’s Go Brandon.” It’s a dangerous world for those who fight for the many who remain ignorant or just stick their head in the sand. Go ahead. Keep wearing your mask driving alone in your car. At least we know who you are.

The hard reality is that we are witnessing what has been in motion for well over a hundred years. It’s very well documented and these power elite tell us every day what they are doing and plan to do. Bill Gates has already told us Pandemic 2.0 is coming. It‘s all organized and orchestrated. If only they could microchip us then their evil designs would move along more quickly.

The orchestrators of all this are deeply engrained throughout all systems of Western society and well compensated. Just look at the World Economic Forum, the writings of its leader Klaus Schwab on ”The Great Reset“, the history of wrong doings of Big Pharma, and Biden’s son Hunter‘s “expertise” in the oil and gas industry to warrant a $1 million position with a Ukraine company. It’s all out there, yet so many are blinded. Even what’s going on in Ukraine has been foretold for years. Never forget. Some love wars and revolutions. They’re very profitable.

So, all one has to do is pay attention and question—like everything, even whether Sean Hannity is controlled opposition. Yet, many can’t even imagine such a network of infiltrators and traitors of humanity. Greed. Power. Wealth. Corruption. That’s their motivation. It’s pure evil against the remaining good on Earth. It’s the insane against the sane, even amongst everyday citizens. What the last two years have pointed out is that there are far more on the insanity spectrum than could be imagined. What it has also shown is so many people have no clue what’s going on. They have no idea how mind controlled they have become. Some get it partly. Some have spent years fighting. The next year will determine whether humanity dies or advances forward for the good of all.

So each of us has a decision to make. We’re either in the fight or not. If you’re not, then get the hell out of my way. Don’t come back later and tell me that I was right.


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