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A Truth That Can't be Denied

The truth is out there, but can be cleverly hidden. So, how? Simply, people don’t look, people just don’t understand, or people don’t want to know the truth. My professional lane is computers which includes cyber and fraud. I worked in private industry, intelligence, and military. Our capabilities are very advanced. We can track an intrusion to its source computer, the method, how access was made, and the outcome. We can track it happening real time. After inaugurated, President Trump put in place a cross-agency task force. I guarantee that he knows exactly the numbers for Trump versus Biden and how they were changed: manually, using coded algorithms, and intrusion hacks from foreign countries. It would have been documented by some of the best cyber forensic experts in the world that would make Edward Snowden blush. I don’t know how this is all going to end. But two things for sure, some people won’t give up exposing the truths and others won’t accept the truths. Evil always gets exposed and loses. It may take days or even centuries, but that’s a truth that can’t be denied.


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