• scottforbes

A Reckoning is Coming

I apologize to America for my generation and that of my parent’s for falling asleep. We had absolutely no idea what really was going-on in the shaping America for the last 60 years. Now many of us know and don't like it.

We thought we elected politicians to do us good. Instead they sold out America to the highest bidder. We allowed wealthy billionaires to get richer and mold our society to their liking using the news media, social media, education and the legal systems. We hoped politicians would help the disadvantaged inner-city youth and improve educational opportunities but all we got was lip service. We sent our kids to school to get an education only to be conditioned in a range of “ism’s” that most of us had never even heard of.

Today, we have the city of Portland under siege by bands of radicals that don’t seem to care about offering up solutions—only destruction. We had an entire Capitol Hill area of Seattle held hostage by Antifa, which turns out is no different than the Nazi party’s para-military arm Antifaschistische. The talking-heads on network TV, cable news, the print media, and politicians report a different reality than what we can see for ourselves. Athletes are taking a knee to the National Anthem and I’m sure many are scared or threatened if they don’t. Statues of historical people are being deemed racist and torn down. Doctors can't speak up about COVID without being ridiculed and fired. Politicians side with protestors and allow large groups to congregate, yet they refuse to allow children to access playgrounds and people to visit loved ones dying or attend funerals. Some of the loudest voices want police forces defunded and officers are openly being confronted and attacked. The DOJ dropped the case against General Michael Flynn, yet Judge Sullivan refused. Google is constantly demonetizing conservatives. Twitter cancels conservative accounts. YouTube makes you log in to view videos made by conservatives. Facebook is fact checking. Aunt Jemima syrup is deemed racist. Oregon and other states made it a requirement to wear a mask when outdoors, even if not in the vicinity of another human being. Who in their right mind is not asking what the hell is going on and why? Seriously, anyone who isn't has more issues than catching COVID. They've caught a case of ignorance or just not paying attention.

The reality is that some people are not in their right mind, especially politicians. All one had to do is watch the Attorney General’s hearing in front of the House Judicial Committee to see this. And, these are our elected representatives. They seem like they are nuts, but now I know they are owned by the elite and playing their part for their overlords. It took us 50 years to figure this out. So, I apologize again.

We do deserve what we have today, because we let it happen. Yet, when we say something, we are the object of a sort of discrimination which places us in a situation of moral inferiority, often held hostage by people in strategic positions in government, in politics, in the economy. and in the media. These people seem to only serve themselves, not hold any moral principles, want to demolish the family, the nation, and religion, and who exploit workers to make themselves unduly wealthy, foment internal divisions and wars, and accumulate power and wealth. They don’t care about us.

The destruction of peoples’ livelihoods, the burning of businesses and personal property, the personal and physical attacks on those with opposing views, the negativity and violence towards police, and all forms of violence are not actions of those grounded in a set of moral and ethical boundaries backed by a religion or societal norms and laws. It’s quite the contrary. We allowed it to happen, because we were asleep.

What we are witnessing is pure evil on display. All of what is showing itself in society, on our streets, in social media, the news media, and the halls of Congress didn’t happen overnight and it’s clearly not organic. It’s not a single person, organization or force. Rather, we are dealing with a wide-scale insurrection supported by many entities, each trying to take their cut, having varying end-objectives, but a similarly-based ideology. It’s organized, orchestrated, and financed by those exercising supremecy over the world’s governments, as well as economies, and even cultures.

One must understand the Sabbatians, Frankists, Nazis, the Orden der Perfektibilisten, the Frankfurt School and other cults and groups to understand how and why they have infiltrated of the American society. One must understand Operation Paperclip, MKUltra, honeypots like Epstein Island and the Playboy Mansion, NXIVM, rogue intelligence services, the real purpose of the UN, human and sex trafficking, and belief systems where pedophilia is acceptable. Let’s face it, perverted people are in very powerful positions in society, protect each other, and that is why no one in power seems to get in trouble. We all became victims of sick people who are experts in deceit, while remaining clandestine, spreading confusion, and carrying on right under our noses.

Most people in my generation and my parents had no clue what was really going on and still don’t. So, I apologize for them, because I am now awake. But, all is not lost. In the last three years, millions and millions of people have awakened to this reality around the world. A reckoning is coming and it won’t be pretty for the criminals and perverts. It might even be biblical.

© 2020 by Scott Forbes