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9/11: What Really Happened

I still mourn the friends I last saw on the train platform to NYC, our 15 employees who died in the towers, and others I knew. I remember the panic in Kathi’s voice when hours later I was able to say I was ok.

A majority of citizens do not know a third building collapsed also—WTC 7, the only steel building in history to collapse from fire. It housed top secret/sensitive government documents.

About a 3rd of citizens do not buy the official narrative that terrorists with a few hours in a Cessna took over 3 jets and 3 for 3 had perfect hits on the towers and the Pentagon, nor do some groups that investigated.

ABC reported an hour after the Pentagon was on fire that there were no signs of a jet having hit the Pentagon (video below). I have piloted hundreds of landings and even jets in a simulator. 3 for 3 would have been low odds even for me.

Citizen Trump was interviewed as the towers burned, explained how the towers were architected specifically with steel on the exterior for extra support, and said bombs must have been involved (video below).

A number of pivotal events in history have happened on 9/11, fueling speculation in numerology terms that the event was an occult ritual.

Jeffrey Epstein was purported to have the attached painting of George Bush in his Manhattan home.

The Bush administration blamed Osama bin Laden and with the military industrial complex went to war.

19 years later we have about 5,200 troops left in the region and have spent $6 trillion of tax payer dollars.

(For videos and images go to my Facebook post)


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