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Why is there so much bullshittery and the truth is so elusive for so many?

If you are caught up in the dislike or hatred of a political party or person, movement, etc., you are missing a much more expansive view of the truth. Political parties were created around the 1790’s and have evolved to be simply two sides of the same coin, managed by one might say the uber elite or let's say the "Controllers"—whose wealth and unlimited power are beyond the average person’s comprehension. If one can spend less time paying attention to their bullshittery, it’s far easier to see the truths through their lies.

Today’s political system was not designed for we the people. It was designed to benefit these Controllers, and we are conditioned to trust from an early age that politicians (and other systems of society like the news media, medical, and education) have our best interests at heart. But, politics actually functions in a circular fashion. One party promises a lot and gets elected. They don’t deliver for us anything of substance. The other party gets elected and the cycle simply repeats. Most of the politicians are all willingly or coerced to be on the same team. Some have no choice, because they’ve been compromised by their corruptions and/or perversions. The only people benefiting from this cycle are those who control and are able to command politicians to do their bidding—hence make themselves more wealthy and more powerful.

Yes, most politicians all get their cut of the action somehow, by, at a minimum, being allowed to continue in their roles. Depending on their value to the Controllers they often are helped in hiding their wealth (e.g., across family members). I spent a career in government, intelligence, and industry identifying financial crimes and criminals. The money flow/exchange of the Paris Climate Accord is one example of something that benefits those involved, but does little to benefit the planet or “we the people.” Some portion of financial aid to foreign countries is skimmed and politicians and people involved benefit with their cut sheltered in places like Cyprus. A $1.5 billion investment of China into a Hunter Biden involved hedge fund returns a “management fee” to its owners of $50-70 million a year. Get it? And the cycle continues, with the public mostly clueless.

In the early to mid 1900’s, Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, became known as the “father of public relations” (aka propaganda). Many of his techniques have been used in information/disinformation campaigns throughout the years by politicians, government, intelligence, and media to convince people of both truths and mistruths (better known as lies). Such techniques as we now know can cause division and confusion within a population, making it easier to control the trajectory of a society. Social media and news media have done wonders for conditioning people to believe something is true when it’s not. If you can get enough people to believe something is the truth, when it’s not, voila. This is how Bernays convinced women it was “cool” to smoke cigarettes. We know how that went for women.

The Controllers have done a great job, right?, and have even taken their designs farther in 2020/2021. A little “pandemic” didn’t hurt either. Their Plan for us is well known, if one even takes a little time to look. The picture of our reality is so much more expansive, when one decides to question and seek the truth. Just even start with the fact that few elections are not “rigged.” They have been since before Al Capone. Rigging elections are even easier now when votes are counted by lines of computer code. In today’s elections, regardless of outcome, the “coin” wins every time.

If you think President Biden is actually in-control/in-charge of the US government, then you have some learning to do. If you think the US election was void of fraud, then you don’t get it. If you think the end justifies the means, then you should question your baseline ethics. We can only understand the present if we know the truth of our past—not some contrived history designed for mass consumption. Finding the truths takes effort and time, often shorted by most. Until we have a critical mass of people understanding the truth of our reality, the rich and powerful Controllers will continue to rule as they wish and humanity and the planet will feel the consequences. It’s a sad state that so many are unaware of where this story of humanity is going. We don’t deserve what is coming.


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