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Trump and Best Wishes for Biden

I would like to thank President Donald J. Trump for his accomplishments and wish President Joe Biden even more successes for the sake of all Americans. My advice to everyone is to never let hope go silent. Good is always good. Bad always stinks. Evil always screws things up and loses. The pendulum always swings. As a nation, we must always have hope for a better future. But just having hope does not make a nation better. We must pay attention. We must discern truths from lies. And we must not let cognitive dissonance control our perceptions of reality. The reigns are in President Biden’s hands. God’s speed. Here are a few of President Trump’s accomplishments that mattered most to me:

  • Peace and prosperity

  • Did not enter, create, or expand a war presence.

  • Went hard after human traffickers.

  • Return of 55 hostages

  • Dow up 58% to over 31,000.

  • Record low unemployment for blacks, hispanics, and women. 7 million new jobs.

  • 7 million people off food stamps.

  • Historic tax reform. Virtually 0% estate taxes.

  • Rebuilt/upgraded military.

  • Border wall.

  • Recognized China as the threat it is.

  • Exited a corrupt WHO and Paris Climate Accord

  • America first always.

  • 13 million more voted for him in 2020 than 2016.

Quite a list. Your turn now, Joe Biden.


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