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They're Telling Us Their Plan

What we have today is rampant failure to understand how words are premeditated and being used to confuse, manipulate, and trick people. When successful, one isn’t capable of understanding the true and underlying intent of the communicator. Hence, the situation we are in today.

David Hawkin’s book, “Power Versus Force,” discusses politics and how words are used to create the energy of fear in an individual. When people are fearful, they are malleable and easily tricked. Do we ever hear from a politician that “everything is great?” Of course not. Lack of fear does not earn votes.

If one dissects every word that Joe Biden said in his latest speech, V’d or not V’d, we’re all screwed. He assembled the word magic why more government reach is justified. Yet, reality is full of inconsistencies, and, unless one tunes-in, it’s missed. Why is Congress and its staff exempt from the Biden V mandate? Maybe because it's not really about stopping the spread, that's why. Biden: “The V will protect you.” Also Biden: “We have to protect the V’d from the un-V’d.” Please make sense out of this.

Good speech writers of today are the apex of word magicians. Barack Obama is famous for his speeches, but rarely said anything of substance, yet people were mesmerized by his words—yes, word magic. We were actually told during Joe’s speech what’s really going on, if we dissect his words. Summary. The Government is going to grab more and more centralized and unlimited power until everyone capitulates. Joe said he’d “move the state Governors out of the way,” if he had to do so. Isn’t a Governor a buffer between us and a tyrannical and out of control Federal government? Thomas Jefferson and our Founders certainly foresaw that possibility.

Such people with such intentions will always trample over peoples’ freedoms, when good people don’t recognize it, sit idly by, say nothing, or do nothing. Lack of awareness and lack of knowing is never an excuse. Truth. Evil people aren’t capable of creating new ways to be evil. Hence, why history always repeats, if we let it. If the government or an employer can force a person to take a medicine they don't want, and a person thinks they're going to stop with just this one, then that person is pretty naive or ignorant about reality. What’s going on is not new. It’s just that people are too trusting of public servants, who, by the way, do not serve the public. They serve their controllers and benefactors. That’s a fact.


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