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The Blame Putin Narrative is Insulting

The narrative out of the White House is that inflation is Putin’s fault. This is flawed and absurd. The graph in the below picture shows it's not Putin's invasion of Ukraine that sparked inflation. It started up at Biden's inauguration.

To be clear, there are many causes behind the current inflation surge (the Fed's money-printing chief among them) and not all of them are within Biden's control or necessarily his fault. But, inflation does have a lot more to do with the Biden administration’s policies than an invasion of Ukraine that started 9 months after the inflation problem began.

So, the “Putin’s Price Hike” narrative is so absurd that it's offensive to our intelligence. It's an insult to the voters, but cynically, most voters don’t seek information for themselves to verify one way or the other. Far too many believe what they are told by Biden or CNN or ABC or Fox News, for that matter.

Anyone who can remember back before February 24th, when Ukraine was invaded, and who put gas in their car before then, knows that the Biden White House needs to point the finger at themselves, their COVID/economy destruction polices, and the actions of the Federal Reserve.

It’s time to take some responsibility. But, Biden only seems to know how to baselessly blame others. He has had 49 years of practice in politics.


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