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Asking The Who, Why, and How

There are those of us who believe we are here on Earth at this time to elevate human consciousness, make life better for those in need, and expose the truths from the lies, so that we can evolve as human beings. Why else do we exist, except to evolve?

We also believe that there are “hidden hands” that control most all major events that happen in our 3D reality, and that rarely anything of substance affecting humanity happens randomly. This “hidden hand” is not what some call God or a Supreme Being, but so-called humans who have accumulated unheard-of amounts of wealth and power and whose bloodline family members have ruled, whether on a throne or not, for a very long time.

Does any of this sound crazy to you? If it does, think again. The Royal families of Britain have ruled for over a thousand years, and frankly have been some of the worst genocidists in history through their conquests for land, resources, wealth and power. Queen Elizabeth still refers to the government as “my government.” The Rothschild family has loaned the Vatican money numerous times in history and are thought to actually be the bankers to the Vatican. The same family and other bankers in the US are known to have helped bail out the US after the Civil War. Additionally, these wealthy and other families are thought to be behind the start of every war in recent history, play on both sides, and benefit accordingly. With wealth comes power and the ability to control society.

Given the amount of wealth in the world, poverty and human suffering should not exist today. But it does and exists because we as humans collectively have allowed this to continue to happen—mostly because we don’t question who benefits. I think some understand this at a macro level, but most don’t understand the “who”, “why,” and the “how” this continues to occur, and even "what" they can do individually to help the situation.

Solutions to poverty and human suffering may seem overwhelming but are not when we consider the power of our collective consciousness. They occur on many levels and take many forms. It is the person including children trafficked for sex and forced labor. It’s the elderly mistreated in nursing homes. It’s the child abused at home or elsewhere or going without meals for days. It’s the psychological and physical damage inflicted by a manufactured crisis. The list is long. There is a lot of evil in the world and the only way to help stop poverty and human suffering is to expose those who allow and even want this to continue to happen. There are reasons inner city problems still exist. One is that politicians benefit by having a class of people dependent on the government and promises from politicians.

The “who” and “why” such human states continue is that we have an uber-elite, multi-generational bloodline, mostly hidden from society Controller class that decides and controls almost all aspects of our lives for their personal benefit, and they care little to alleviated poverty and human suffering. They actually benefit from it. Some may say how could this be? If one spends even a little time understanding history, by looking back just 600 years in Europe, and the evolution of who was actually in control and who financed wars and conquests that created so much suffering, one can get a sense of who’s actually in control today. It never ceases to amaze me why people are still enamored with royalty, as they have been some of the worst creators of human suffering in history.

The “how” is that the Controllers have created tentacles throughout most all systems of society and decide how they are used. They use media, entertainment, TV, government, and education to tell us what to believe as the truth, even if bold face lies. Only a handful of people are needed to create and control a narrative, good or bad or true or false. Just look at the power of the Dr. Fauci megaphone.

The Controllers decide who rules, have corrupted most all systems of authority, and control politicians by exploiting their perversions and thirsts for power and wealth, divide us through manufactured and controlled narratives and false events, exert more control over us with little questioning or resistance from most, and have most people fooled into thinking politicians have our best interests at heart and that our vote actually matters. These illusions of reality are well controlled and executed and have been so for a very long time. President John F. Kennedy spoke of this almost 60 years ago in a famous recorded speech, just prior to his assassination. The Controllers continue to exist because of our collective ignorance and perpetual differences in how we perceive reality, and because of those individuals, not in the Controller class, but forced and many willing to play along and be complicit in their own quest for power and wealth.

Clearly, not knowing is no excuse, and it helps no one. It’s also not reserved for the uneducated. Plenty of highly educated people have been suckered. If one just opens-up their mind to possibilities, observes and questions more of what they are told by authority as the truth, then we might raise our collective consciousness enough and slowly work our way out of the potentially destructive path we are on. I say potentially, because we don’t know how the movie of life for humanity will actually evolve, but there are enough clues about the Controller’s intentions that we can connect the dots. So, why sit idle and do nothing. But just like AA, one must care to admit that they have been fooled in so many ways, before they can see the truths more clearly. I have been and probably continue to be, but hopefully less so than 15 years ago. Unfortunately, many just can’t do so, as cognitive dissonance just gets in the way. I still have friends and family who still believe everything written in newspapers and what is said on cable news.

I do believe more and more are waking up and openly taking a stand against a very strong headwind managed by the Controllers. But, if more don’t start rejecting the present state, including all the elements of manufactured crises and control over our daily lives, then God help us. We could just start by admitting that there are little differences in the political parties. They both serve the Controllers. How can anything change for humanity, unless we become less the sheeple? Start with questioning what’s going on in your field of vision today and say something. Share what you see that differs from the approved and prevailing narrative. Call out the bullshitters and liars, but make sure you are seeing things clearly. You may be surprised at how you will evolve for the better and the people around you.


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