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Book of Esther and the Corona Virus

You know by now, from all the writings that I have shared, the importance of understanding ancient belief systems and religions to explain the state of our present day society.  Every action the Cabal takes, such as a false flag or economic collapse, always is associated with an event in time or symbolic number that often can also be related to the Hebrew calendar or story of the Bible, but specifically with Jewish history. 

March is the month when falls the Jewish celebration of Purim, which celebrates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman who was planning to mass exterminate all the Jews in the empire, as recounted in the Book of Esther.  Pause to think about the Corona Virus as a weapon to do so in our present day. Thankfully, Haman failed.  

Haman was the highest royal advisor to King Xerxes of the Persian empire.  Haman had great power but went off script—the king did not know what Haman was up to.  Haman’s intentions were eventually thwarted by Mordecai and Esther, who had become the Queen of Persia.  Esther told the King what was going on, and in doing so took a big risk.  If the King was in on Haman’s plan, she would have been executed.  Thankfully for Esther, he wasn’t.  

The Cabal has always viewed themselves as believing in the opposite of those who believe in God, so they do what they do to thwart the history of good (and God) winning over evil. They follow the Bible, as if it's a script, but invert the teachings.  This is why I believe the Corona Virus could easily be a bio-weapon, released by the Cabal during Purim, to wipe us all out, but specifically on a Hebrew timetable, and specifically during the month when the Jews celebrate Purim. Remember, symbolism is very important in the belief system of the Cabal.  

We know that the Cabal and many on the "ecological left" believe that there are far too many people on Earth.  Maybe there are. But just look at the markings on the Georgia Guidestones, which show that the population of Earth must be reduced to 500 million. Remember, there are three religions that came from Abraham’s biological tree—he being the first Jew, which is important—and hence why "they" (the Cabal) want to wipe out the Abrahamic belief system out—just like what Haman intended to do to all the Jews in the Empire. Today, why are there so many fixated on wiping out the Jews? Think about that for a minute. 

The Cabal doesn't see themselves the way we see ourselves.  They see themselves as the elite in society. They even believe their existence is to some degree extraterrestrial or god-like, and that they are entitled to rule Earth.  This may sound crazy, but it is what they believe.  Think why Royal families have been able to rule for thousands of years, and people to this day accept this as normal. When I say “they,” I mean Cabal bloodline families that believe they have existed since the beginning of time.

Does Trump understand the Cabal’s playbook and how dates, numbers, symbols, etc., are all a part of the way they communicate and execute their plan for control of humanity and the resources of the earth.  Did he know to expect something, maybe even a bio-weapon and when, such as during March and the celebration of Purim, but maybe not what.  In the end, Haman was thwarted and it's why to this day the Jews celebrate Purim.


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