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Most Banned Books and Why

These are some of the most banned books in libraries. Each one warns about the evil and tyranny of an oligarchy drunk on power, controlling the people, and pursuing wealth beyond the imagination of most. That is our reality today. 60 percent of all adults have not read any book since formal education. Over 95 percent have not read a book discussing history and the origins and paths of past events like the Holocaust. How can we possibly survive, much less advance our consciousness as humans, when peoples’ “truths” come from a state controlled news media and other corrupted systems of society? With disinformation, PSYOPs, a lack of historical perspective, and lacking critical thinking, the average person is not equipped to know the truths from the lies. They think they do. But they don’t. We think we’re smart, because we have Google, but we are actually collectively naive and ignorant, and that’s exactly where the oligarchical ruling elite want us. This is the illusion of being a human being today. Is there a path forward for humanity? There always is, but it first takes admitting our present state and a willingness to change and reject the oligarchy. Will that ever happen? Not likely, unless a big awakening takes place, as too many are dug in on their beliefs—e.g., “trust the science.” Why? Because most people are incapable of admitting they can be fooled. They aren’t stupid. It’s called cognitive dissonance. Do I see all the truths and the lies as they really are? Of course not. But at least I am observing, questioning, and researching for myself, and not married to an echo chamber. What say you? Fact or fiction?


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