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Fact-Checking and Mind Control

People’s minds are susceptible to being engineered to believe anything is true when it’s false and vice versa. You think not?

The US government and institutions like the Tavistock Institute have spent decades developing methods and tools to do so. It’s why there is now “fact-checking” in the news and social media, as one example. It’s a method designed to facilitate and accelerate the engineering of our minds—a full court press of sorts, because people are awakening to the rampant chicanery of who I call the “managers of society”—some people call them the Deep State, but it’s far more complex than that label to go into here.

The prominent social media assets were not developed by smart people in their garages or basements. That’s a cover story. They were initially developed in the government’s DARPA and other top-secret labs, and some lucky person(s) gets picked to run with them commercially. So, why would this happen? The reason is that they are tools to integrate commercial and government activities to observe and control the population. It's the foundation for what's called Sentient World Simulation Modeling.

The news and social media are the primary tools to deliver narratives and to prepare our minds for both a truth and/or a lie and/or a half-truth—whichever is the narrative they want us to believe in today. Why do you think some topics are referred to as “conspiracy theory”—election fraud as an example? There has been election fraud, since before Al Capone, but the media presents the elections as squeaky clean—they do so to “program” us to not question any outcome.

Here's a hint. Just look at what’s being fact checked. Just look at who and what topics are being banned by the news and social media. When you see something fact-checked, consider the opposite is likely true. Why? Because people are over the target. It’s because the “managers of society” have a far-reaching agenda for society, and it’s sometimes, but mostly not, in our best interests. Those in control work hard at hiding their intentions and what they are doing. Nothing good ever comes from something that is hidden from the people.

What can we do? We can observe. Question. Listen to our inner mind as to whether something seems or "feels" true or false. Research for yourself, but use all sorts of sources, even if uncomfortable to get through. Guaranteed, you’ll look at your perceptions of reality in a new light, but only if you care to make the effort to do so. Contrary to what Jack Nicholson said in the movie, “A Few Good Men,” we can handle the truth. Well, most.


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