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It’s Not Just About the Election

Art, clothing, logos, colors, gestures, and jewelry (“symbols”) tell volumes about a person’s beliefs, religion, and what behaviors and actions are ultimately acceptable to them, regardless of what’s acceptable to society at large. Symbolism is also how cults and secret groups communicate amongst each other.

Two examples. The “Eye of Horus” (one eye covered) is Egyptian and involves the worship of Osiris, the god of the Underworld. The Osiris/Isis/Horus story involves murder, sacrifice, protection, deceit, and a child (Horus) born out of incest. (Yes, some people still worship Egyptian and Babylonian gods.) The upside-down cross is worn by someone who is “spitting in the eye of God.”

What’s going on today is not just about the election. It’s really about what belief systems (incl. spiritual, ethical, moral tenets) are allowed to prevail and who decides. No longer clandestine, one party just can’t seem to (or no longer bothers) to hide their true intentions.

The cancel American culture and cancel God people are operating in plain sight for all to see and judge. Your vote will count, one way or the other. We won’t know till later how much it will factor into our future. So please vote knowledgeably and wisely.


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