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How will you judge President Biden?

How will you judge President Biden? If you haven’t given this any thought, how will you know if he is doing a good or bad job? You can pick November 4 or January 21 as your starting point—the baseline for comparison are only the facts under President Trump. I use November 4, the day after the election, as the financial markets always shift one way or another when a new president is elected. These are my top ten and current status. What are yours?

-Reducing human trafficking (no Biden focus yet)

-Educating inner city youths (no Biden focus yet)

-Not sending our soldiers to war or expanding any military presence (Biden sent troops into Syria)

-Value of the NYSE and Dow averages —> my retirement account (down so far under Biden)

-Unemployment rate of blacks, hispanics, and women (cancelled Keystone, unemployment numbers up-bad)

-Building a border wall (Biden cancelled)

-Not putting the US into global corrupt organizations or treaties (e.g., Paris Climate Accord, WHO) - one of the first things Biden did

-Putting America first versus sucking up to global organizations (e.g., UN) (no focus yet by Biden)

-America first / Other countries not flexing muscles (China has already tested Biden response regarding Taiwan airspace)

-Not raising taxes (Biden has said he will)


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