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Democrats Are At It Again — Doing Stupid Stuff

Anyone believing the so-called “inflation reduction act” that was passed by the Democrats will reduce inflation is a sucker. “Economics 101” says never raise taxes or raise spending when inflation is the issue. This bill does both. It’s all “word magic” to convince people they care, but actually it’s stupid, but there is a reason.

The intent of the Democrats is to steal as much money (over $700 billion) from the Treasury to Democrat-run causes before the Republicans are in charge come January. It’s insane. But it’s what the Democrats do. After all, they are pathological liars, cheaters, insider traders, and even worse, they don’t care about what is happening to “the people.” Heck, they don’t care about the rule of law.

So this is how it goes. The Democrats pass bills. Money goes to their pet causes and businesses. Agreements are made behind the scenes. Money — hundreds of millions — circle back to Democrat PACS and campaigns. We are in an election year. The Democrats are in big trouble. They need money, as donations are down. They’re desperate. Get it?

Of course, the bill will be spun by the corrupt media as a major Joe Biden accomplishment. History, if reflected correctly, will actually show Joe Biden as the most criminal, destructive and pathetic president ever. All, but the uninformed today, believe we are headed in the wrong direction, but still a lot of people fall for the Democrat’s bull. You think the raid of Trump’s home Mar-A-Lago is not all political—to keep Trump from running? This is what the Democrats do.

Tens of millions of Americans who support Biden will be seen as on the wrong side of history. They too are damaging America by their unconscious incompetence and inability to see the truths from the lies. It’s sad. It’s our reality. This must be stopped.

The good news maybe is that I believe we are seeing a societal realignment against the neoliberals and the extreme leftists. People are waking up, albeit slowly and maybe not fast enough. The problem is that the crazy elite deep staters are in control of most all systems of society. If we can overwhelm their election cheating, then we have a chance. If not, then God help us.


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