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America 2021: Are you a Warrior, Catalyst, Follower, Apathist, Pacifist, or Undecided?”

Think about this. One needs a QR code to go anywhere and buy anything. Your social score determines access to certain services. If you speak out against the oligarchy your social score goes down and you can’t buy food. If it goes too low, you get rounded up and sent to a re-education camp or worse. Is this “1984?” If you know the reference, bravo. But no, it’s China 2021.

So, you think this can’t happen here in the US? Do you know the phrase, “anything’s possible?” I spent a career helping clients, including the military and banks, manage risks. If a risk has a 1% probability, it’s still a risk of becoming reality. What if America 2021 is just a handful of Presidential mandates away from China 2021, with businesses doing what they are told or be punished—oh wait, that’s happening today.

If history means anything, most oligarchies don’t care about the people. We’re the bottom of the control pyramid. They care about themselves and their power elite benefactors, staying in power, controlling the will of the people, punishing those who are a threat to them, gaining more wealth, and solidifying more power. Everything else is just a show for the gullible. Is our reality full of big PSYOPs? Of course, duh. People are gaslighted every day.

The reality throughout history is that evil people always flourish when good people sit idly by, don’t question, don’t research for themselves, don’t say anything, blindly follow along, and can’t even fathom that people and the systems of society they trust can be so evil. If too many Americans are 100% trusting of a government, the news media, and politicians, then we deserve what we get. And we’re getting it.

Yet, what's fascinating and shocking to me is the inability of so many people to envision and even accept possibilities, particularly in the most educated. Even my lawn guy knows more about what’s really going on than most friends and family. A year ago people said, no way there will be a c@vid p@assp@rt—only a 1% chance. Well, it’s here today, in paper form. From a 1% possibility to a 100% reality.

To be clear. None of this is a political-party statement. Democrats and Republicans are just two sides of the same coin, with some more evil and corrupt than others. What I'm offering is a state of humanity assessment, at a point in time. So, do you think Joe Biden is in charge? Really in-charge? Do you think Trump is not just a faction of the power elite vying for control? It’s our reality today.

So, if you are on my page, and even have a 1% concern about where things are going, then what can we do? Well, awakening some of the sleepers is possible and necessary. Anything’s really possible, including more freedom than we have today, but we have a lot of work to do.

So think about this. You can decide to either be a warrior, catalyst, or follow them, or you can be an apathist, pacifist, or undecidedd. Or you can just deny there is any risk of us becoming China 2021. Ask the Jews and genocided cultures how denial of the masses went for them. Your kids, the future generations, and history, will judge your decision.


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