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Walk Through the Exit Door

How many have figured out that they have something in common with Truman? A lot, I believe, and maybe hundreds and hundreds of millions worldwide have. It's why there is Brexit in the UK. It's why the Yellow Vest Movement exists in France. It's why we have what’s called the “Great Awakening” in the US.

Truman is the star of the The Truman Show—a 1998 film that stars Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank, a man who grew up living an ordinary life that—unbeknownst to him—takes place on a TV set. All of the town's other residents, including his wife and family, are paid actors. If you are like me, it seems that much of what’s going on, of any significance to society at-large, seems to be scripted.

Eventually, Truman discovers the truth about his reality—that it has all been faked since birth—and Truman attempts to escape the island set by boat. In doing so, he strikes the outer wall of the dome surrounding the TV set and finds an Exit Door. Christof, the show's director, speaking to Truman through a speaker system, tries to convince him to stay, stating there is "no more truth" in the real world. Let that phrase sink-in for a moment—there is no truth in the real world. Truman considers this, then states: "In case I don't see you...good afternoon, good evening, and good night," takes a bow, and walks through the Exit Door. There are a lot of truths in movies, if one pays attention and makes the effort to look.

For most of my life, I rarely questioned my perceptions of reality. I spent over 20,000 hours with educators, starting at age 5, and accepted what they said as gospel. During most of my adult life, I was on the corporate "hamster wheel," watched the nightly news, and voted for politicians whom I trusted had our best interests in mind. I did what my doctors told me and trusted government officials. After all, we are conditioned to do so from an early age. I watched CNN when world events were happening and accepted what "the most trusted name in news" told me was the truth. Wow, how my perspectives regarding these systems of society and the so-called truths of the world have changed!

To me, the Truman movie symbolizes the illusion or matrix in which many of us live their lives. It wasn’t until my late 40’s that a health event changed my perceptions of reality forever. I look at the world, and in particular significant US events, differently than most—mostly questioning and skeptically—and wonder how many of the people involved are actually paid actors with the events are staged and scripted like those in The Truman Show. My sense, from looking at world events closely, many are scripted.

I now know that far too much of what I've been told by the so-called authorities and experts who are part of the systems of society—particularly the news media, politicians, and social media, plus educators, scientists, and health professional—are not truthful all the time and frankly some downright criminal. I can cite hundreds of reasons why, some of which I discuss in my first book. Only in such a world can politicians and the news media get a free pass to be “constantly” wrong about major issues and wrongly attack people with no repercussions. Only in such a world can social media companies decide what is truthful or not and censor those that differ. Only in such a world can politicians lie—constantly—and most people accept this as just part of politics. Only in such a world can someone push an agenda and on the backside make millions and even billions of dollars and no one bats an eye. Many of the systems of society that we have been conditioned to trust are free to be full of illusions and lies, designed to fool us, and serve the messengers themselves, the Corporate Elite, and the higher-up Families and Controllers of society.

Yes, very little of significance happening in society is without back-room design—hence staged and scripted. Even just look at the current political process. It's like we are watching a never-ending soap opera—but with really bad (in the sense of corrupt) actors. We are constantly fed information—using very sophisticated surveillance technology developed deep in the bowels of top secret government institutions—that fits with our perceptions of reality—often setting those perceptions deeper and deeper into our psyche until it’s almost impossible to dislodge from our minds, whether true or false—yes, many of us are victims of mind control techniques that are well honed. When social media or the news media gets done with messaging us the same thing over and over again, we can have an entirely different view of reality than when we started. Yes, that is called mind control.

I’ve had to work hard to study and teach myself to observe, question, research, critically think, discern the truths for myself, and to consider a reality outside of the lines drawn by others. I'm sure I'm wrong at times and digress, but at least I try. It’s actually quite easy, if one is willing. I often deviate from the accepted narrative just to test whether what I am told is the truth or not—and a lot of the times it's not the truth. I do so, frankly, with no fear of being "excommunicated" for any of my new found truths. I'd rather live my life knowing, than blindly accept what others tell me to believe. Many who are quite intelligent actually don’t take the time to think for themselves, and this is a big concern for the future of humanity.

In the movie, Truman eventually begins to learn the truths of his reality, beyond the show's script, before he ventures out into the storm, found the Exit Door, took a bow, and walked out into the real world. I too was a "Truman," awakened that something was wrong in society, questioned, researched, and found my own truths. Many people are awakening every day, yet many won’t, and maybe some never will budge from their fixed perceptions of reality. That's ok, to a point. It may just not be their time, now. It took me until I was 48 to look at the world with a more thoughtful eye.

I walked through that metaphorical "door" and haven't looked back. So, I say to all, find your own truths. Don't get suckered into the illusions and lies that are ever so present in society today which are designed to make us think and act a certain way. Observe. Think. Question. Walk through that Exit Door like Truman did. The truths are all just on the other side.


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