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Who Really Controls the US, and it’s not Joe Biden?

This might be one of the most important 5 minute reads of your day today or any day. You’ll either say, no way, yes I get it, or I haven‘t thought about it that way. So, let’s start.

70% of Americans say the country is going in the wrong direction. 62% say Joe Biden is doing a bad job. But how many are ignoring a key question: who is really pulling the strings of power in the US? The answer is, it’s not Joe Biden. So, let me unpack this.

Joe Biden is clearly in the pyramid of power, probably somewhere in the middle to bottom, and does have some latitude to act like most Presidents. But Joe is just a tool in the toolbox of a smallish group of power elite who are now in control of the US, and it looks like globally. Too much seems orchestrated (e.g., exact narratives and words used around the world, and that can’t happen randomly). If things aren’t going well, these power elite want you to blame Joe. Look over there, not at us. They really don’t want you to know who they are, even though some are in plain sight, and that they are the ones running the show and shaping society to benefit themselves.

The power elite are not just one group of very powerful and wealthy people. There exists a handful of key factions of power elite in the US and around the globe, who are always vying for control of the people and the resources of the planet. Some are for good and some are really bad. Just look at the history of England, France, and Spain. Look at what their royalty (aka power elite) were willing to do during their conquests, all in the name of capturing the world’s wealth.

Today, if you and your group of power elite are worth collectively an obscene number of trillions of dollars, you’d probably be laser focused on who controls the US, and for that matter the world, the most critical of industries, land and resources, politicians, and governments—and you’d want yourself to be calling the shots. You think Bill Gates is the largest landowner in the US because he likes the views? He’s also one of the largest shareholder of pharmaceutical companies, hence his interest in the “you know what.”

So, think about this. There are power elite who care nothing about you or me. They’d just as soon see depopulation to counter what they believe to be climate change. That’s an important point and necessary in understanding our reality today and discerning who’s who in the battle of good versus evil. If 70% of the people think the country is going in the wrong direction, then Joe Biden is either in-the-know, regarding where it’s going, or he’s clueless. I doubt the later. I’m certain Joe Biden knows what he’s doing.

For sure, the power elite reward the services of people like Joe Biden and his family—e.g., valuing Hunter Biden’s artwork at $500,000 a pop, and at least $50 million a year in revenue (yes, a year) to the hedge fund owned partly by Hunter Biden, for fees from the $1.5 billion China invested. Do you think China wanted nothing in return? The power elite reward others like Andrew Cuomo with book deals (i.e., $5.2 million) and gigs as experts on cable news—all for playing their role in doing the work of the power elite, which can be very dirty. All that money sounds like a lot to us but is a small rounding error for the power elite.

No doubt, the world is orchestrated and planned by power elite and executed by those willing to do so, even if it’s not good for the people and even harmful. Why do you think the power elite meet in groups annually, like the Bilderberg or World Economic Forum? You think they’re meeting to just shoot the breeze. Come on man. They‘re planning their next moves, lining up the troops, and giving out orders for who does what. Little happens randomly, and industry leaders around the world do what they are told, or else. Why do you think they all jumped when Joe Biden said jump, even though a Federal Judge said don’t? They know who told Joe Biden to do what he did, and they know they will be punished if they don’t get in line and follow orders.

If you get my drift, then, haven’t we been the ones fooled from an early age into thinking all politicians care about us and are honest, that the news is not biased and not controlled by the powerful elite, that elections can’t be rigged when all it takes is a line of computer code, that events can’t be manufactured by power elite to sway public opinion or to do something, that we must trust the science, or that a virus cannot be exploited and even planned. This belief happens because we are trained to not question the authority of systems of society, because we are conditioned from an early age to trust them and to be rule followers, through thick and thin, whether the rules make sense or are even legal. It’s human nature to not want to be cast out from the tribe for breaking the rules or questioning authority, so few do, except the bravest who are willing to take them on. But it’s not human nature to be ok with being fooled.

So, doesn’t it make sense that even a little critical thinking is needed and can be the antidote to freeing our minds from a state of not knowing to one where we know the important stuff that can affect our lives? Shouldn’t we care? Shouldn’t we all ask questions and pursue the truths, knowing our cognitive dissonance will try to get in the way? Wouldn’t living otherwise not be living up to our true potential as a human being?

All I can hope of people is to think about what I’ve said. I’ve done so for thousands of hours, researched, written, and had real world experiences to validate what I choose to share. We may lose our country to a “one world tyrannical order” and eventually all our freedoms, but it will not be for the few that are raising the red flag and warning us. Shouldn’t we be brave enough to stand up and say no to an evil power elite and their minions? We might be vilified by the controlled media, censored by Twitter and Facebook, and ridiculed as conspiracy theorists by those who prove their ignorance, but who cares, and wouldn’t that be a badge of honor anyway?

History will judge every one of us on the role we choose to play in this human journey. And we know that evil can only prosper when good people sit idly by, like I believe they are conditioned with fear to do so today. Just look at the last two years. Ask the Jews how it went for them, when the people allowed their children to be conditioned in State schools to report their parents to the State, and the people were not collectively brave enough to stand up. Think about that the next time CRT is discussed. Look at the protests in other countries. Why aren’t we doing the same? We aren’t because of Jan 6th. People were rounded up and are still in jail. You think the power elite did not orchestrate the event on purpose to get the end result—fear of protesting? Think outside the box, here. It’s certainly not a zero probability.

So, really. Can 70% of the people be wrong about the direction of the country? I guess it’s possible, but if anyone has been paying attention, it’s not likely the case, and we better be brave enough to do our part before it becomes too late.


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