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Controlling the World: The Power Elite

I had not clued into any of the following, until my 50’s. I was on the corporate “hamster wheel,” raising kids, and entirely focused on my career and family. Yet, I worked early in my career in government—defense and a three-letter agency—had a clearance and saw “stuff,” but just did my job. It’s clear to me, now, that once one understands that that there is a relatively small group of people—the “Power Elite”—who purposely perpetuate the feeling of crisis to justify mass mobilization, citizen obedience training, societal division, resource grabbing, and authoritarian bureaucracy—the endless rhetoric and panic narratives really start to make sense.

These Power Elite are mostly multi-generational families who control the planet through the daily manipulation of our collective consciousness. Forget the Democrat versus Republican illusion. These people don’t have political affiliations. Many aren’t even US citizens, hence the quest for non-elected world governing bodies, as exemplified by the EU and UN. Much of their manipulation is done through ritualized control tactics, like mask wearing, and fear-based programming, like endless variants and manufactured crisis and controlled events.

To reinforce the fear and keep the population in a vibration of fear and separation, they utilize a complex system of global institutions. Some of these have existed for well over 100 years. These systems act as the primary enforcers of the distribution of the disinformation used to influence people and shape the controlled narratives. In other words, they perpetually lie to us, scare the crap out of most, and get or force the masses to do what they are told.

The system of control has five pillars that influence and control all planetary affairs:

-Power Elites themselves—royal and religious/papal families and financial/industrial elites

-Military and Its Industrial Complex

-Intelligence Agencies, Covert Groups, and Government

-Religious, Academic, Financial, and Medical Industries

-Entertainment, Social Media, and Press

A divide and conquer mentality is essential to continually create victims and victimizers. The roll of politicians, entertainers, social media, and the press are to push the narratives. Without dividing us and keeping us in the dark on truths and in fear, these pillars of society cannot exist. But they do because there are plenty of people willing to act and prey on anything that will make themselves more rich and powerful, all usually at the expense of the every-day citizen.

When one realizes that people—like the President—are installed into positions for the benefit of the Power Elite, then a lot of the chicanery, fake narratives, and crisis scenarios become more clearly visible. That’s when the mind-control starts to wear-off and we become more aware and can distinguish the truths from the lies. It’s also when we become dangerous to the Power Elite and when they take extraordinary steps to quash objection and dissent, which we can detect in full-motion today.

So, let’s say you understand that none of this can end well for the citizenry. What can you do about it? First, continue to observe and question what you are told as the truth. Second, resist falling victim to their lies. Three, live in a positive state of being and avoid being judgmental of others, as they are on their own journey of awakening or not. Four, participate in sharing knowledge with others who are open to doing so. Five, jettison those who bring conflict or negativity into your life, as life is too short. When our collective consciousness of these truths reaches critical mass, systemic change can then happen. We are almost there.

Let’s say you think all of this is ridiculous. How then do you think the world works? Randomly? Do you think honestly that major decisions and huge events all happen organically? Why do you think world and business leaders meet, like with the G7, Davos, or the Bilderberg? Do you really think billionaires (and the hidden trillionaires) are going to let the citizens decide their future, particularly regarding their wealth and power? Don’t you think that maybe they care more about themselves than about our health and well-being?

Think about all of this next time a politician opens their mouth or you read a news or social media headline. You might view your physical and narrative realities a lot more differently.


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