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The Naked Truth

The naked truth is always better than the dressed up lie. Hence, the best thing we can do now to help humanity is to stick with family, friends, and colleagues who are willing to discern the truths for themselves, ignore the fake narratives, and shine the light on deceptions, lies, and the biggest liars in government, media, business, and medicine. If we don’t do so, then who will. What’s happening now does not need to happen. It’s happening because people have blindly trusted systems of society that are corrupted and can’t seem to understand that these systems are not honest or won’t admit it. We are in the midst of one of the greatest illusions of all time. Yes, I know. Some of you will stop reading. Some will read on. I had my ah ha moment at 50. A near death event woke me and put into perspective a lot. We are lied to every day by people we are conditioned to trust. What’s happening to us is nothing short of pure evil, orchestrated by a Power Elite, aligned with a nation state, who control the politicians, media, the narratives, and the platforms delivering them. People are figuring out what’s going on, who’s involved, why, and millions of people don’t like it. The push for (you know what) is part of their plan, having nothing to do with (you know what). It’s why there is such a ramp-up, forcing people to do things against their will, personal health, and conscience. These Power Elite don’t care about you or me—we are expendable. In fact, they’d rather depopulate. Most of those pushing the illusions know what they are doing and are doing so because they personally benefit from the deceptions. The goal posts are constantly moving for a reason and they will again and again until they have the masses capitulated and on our knees praying for mercy. You think this can’t happen? That’s what many thought about Hitler. The reality is that bad people are often in so-called respected positions, and that’s part of the illusion run by the Power Elite. Just look at the picture of Obama at his recent birthday part. Do you think he knows what’s going on? Come on man. He’s part of it. Listen to the doctor in the video tell the facts—it’s only 5 minutes of truths. The future of humanity is more at stake than anytime in history. If you don’t see this as reality, at least ask yourself, do I sense anything is wrong? You surely must, and it’s time to admit it. Once you see the truths, you will be pissed-off. It’s far worse than most can imagine.


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