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The Enemy are the Insane

Sane conservatives and sane liberals need to be more vocal and stop sitting on their hands letting others do battle for them. Complacency is not a strategy in this time of insanity.

Sane Republicans and sane Democrats need to stop giving amnesty to politicians just because of their political party. Reality. Corrupt Democrat and Republican politicians don’t care about us, because they care about themselves and their benefactors, first. Can we all agree that we’re being conned?

Do you really believe it’s a coincidence that we’re in the midst of a war on personal freedom over a v with a survival rate of almost 100%? Do you really believe a government can spend a country into prosperity? Do you really believe there is not any voter fraud at all? Really?

Make no mistake, we are in the midst of a civil war. It’s a war for the soul of our country. It’s not about Democrats vs. Republicans or the v ‘ d vs. the non v ‘ d. Those are just manufactured smoke screens to distract us.

It’s a war of the ethical and moral against insane criminal power elite and the systems of society that they have captured. It’s a war of US patriots vs. those more interested in taking money from China vs. the future of US sovereignty. It’s a war of those wanting border security versus those who think a southern border invasion makes sense. It’s a war of those who realize we are polluting the planet and care to do something vs. those who would prefer to reduce the population of the Earth.

The outcome of this war will determine the rest of our lives and what our children inherit—Freedom of speech vs. censorship—Liberty vs. tyranny—Capitalism vs. socialism—Opportunity for those who care to work hard vs. poverty and disparity.

Even JFK warned us what an insane, control hungry, power elite have been up to in a famous speech almost 60 years ago—and we know what happened to him. The ruling oligarchy don’t give a damn about us. Thinking so is just not knowing and foolish.

We all need to get our head-on-straight who the enemy is in this war for our culture, society, and future. The enemy is not you and me and our insignificant differences. That’s a manufactured divide perpetrated by politicians, the news media, and technocrats.

It’s time for all to see that the schemes of the insane power elite and their corrupt minions in government and systems of society are about controlling us, solidifying power, and more and more wealth. All a person needs to do is question one thing and connect the dots and then they’ll stop being a brand of unknowing that’s hurting and jeopardizing our future.

The war is on. What side are you on?


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