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Surveillance Capitalism: You're In Their Crosshairs

I was on Amazon yesterday looking at a past order. Today, I get an add on Facebook for the same shoes. We were also talking yesterday about a trip to Las Vegas. Today, I get emails on Las Vegas vacation packages. Yes, they were “listening”—often illegally or without us knowing. This is called “surveillance capitalism.” E.g., Google Assistant is always listening when you have a Google Home smart speaker in your house. Same with Amazon’s Alexa.

Big tech knows everything about us, sells it for a profit, and gives it to the government for their sentient world simulation and other situational modeling. Any separation between big tech and government is a myth. The government knows, before it does something to us, how we individually will react. We are each a node on their modeling system. The surveillance technology is often first developed by the government which then picks someone to run with it commercially.

How do I know? I worked in tech most of my whole career, with a “three-letter” agency (that’s really good at spying), to military, to credit cards, to banking. I just did my job, not questioning. Now, I know better. I’m “awakened” to this an much more.

Think about today what we are convinced to believe and accept whether you believe in it or not. Just be open minded and think outside the box. All the “critical race theory” and “cancel culture” stuff. Wearing masks. Wearing two masks. Taking a first-time experimental gene therapy vaccine. Accepting big tech censorship. Even thinking there was zero election fraud. That’s just a silly thought, as election fraud has happened since before Al Capone. To what degree and impact is always the question.

The reality is human minds are malleable and very easily influenced. The more we are on tech, the greater the possibility that we are, yes, surveilled and conditioned/mind-controlled, for some a little to others a lot. That’s the collective goal of big tech and government. That’s a fact. They know your political points of view, your likes and dislikes, and your underwear size, and targets you accordingly for huge profits and for societal conditioning. Criminals can’t hide their crimes. We can’t hide our likes and dislikes and how we will react. They know. Control of our thoughts and actions is their end-game, and they are doing a darn good job so far on so many.


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